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  1. - PHYSICS: Since 1927, researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have been tracking a glob of congealed black tar as it drips through a funnel - at a rate of one drop every nine years.
    Shamus's daytime job? =)) =)) =))



  2. If it is a DVD-5, as Coujo as suggested, then rip in ISO mode and write with ImgBurn. ImgBurn only writes ISO images - not VOB/IFO/BUP files.


    If it is a DVD-9 (which the the likely case), you will need to shrink it and then write it (unless you plan to do a dual layer write).



  3. Hiya Jacobina


    Take your original ripped files and run the title trough VobBlanker. It has a cut function which works right down to the group of pictures level. You will need to run it a number of times to edit out each sequence of ads.


    Then make your ISO (I use PgcEdit) and burn - PgcEdit calls ImgBurn directly from its interface.



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