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  1. There are lots of real good progs around for making images from IFOs, VOBs and BUPs - PgcEdit and Image Tools Classic (which are essentially the same thing with different front ends) are simply 2 that spring to mind.



  2. I agree with your statement %100! What pisses me off, is that the majority knew who I was, and "ScubaPete" is the one who made the accusation. He defiantly knows who I am.
    If I am not mistaken, the Great Scuba Pete is the one and only Quality's Proof, who was a shit stirrer par excellence at DD before he was run off.



  3. If English is the only audio on the disk, it will be the one to play. But you can ensure it does anyway by using PgcEdit's Jump to PGC macro (guide on PgcEdit site).


    Just run through the DVD in PgcEdit's trace mode, selecting the audio menu, picking English and returning to the main menu. Then run the macro. Save and burn.



  4. LBs must be at a cell boundary. If the disk is authored with correct padding, then the cell boundary will also co-incide with a 32k block.


    This is not a function of IB, which, AFAIK, burns images, and does not create them.


    So, continue to use PgcEdit to create your image and IB to burn it.



  5. Btw Kev - I am still decorating our bedroom, plastering and painting is almost all done now, fitted new lights and sockets etc and ordered the carpet. Once thats down I then just need to build the wardrobes !!! ha ha
    You're decorating your and Kev's bedroom?


    You poof!



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