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  1. By saying this, you're implying that the media quality is the suspect and nothing can cause that kind of spike around the layer break except for media quality. Am I saying this right ???





    Basically...although there are a lot of variable to take into consideration here ie. drive quality, firmware and media quality as well as compatibility with all the above.  Typically your burner will be the static variable with the media being dynamic, but you also have other things going on with your PC that can influence burn quality such as virus scanners, background operations etc.


    Maybe we had those spikes because we burned 8x rated discs at 4x ??? Had we burn them at 8x, we would have a better quality rating ??? Have you ever conduct tests burning MKM-03-00 at 8x and comparing it burned at 4x ??? Do you always burn MKM-03-00 at 4x ??? Did you get a lot of this spike around layer break when burning MKM-03-00 at 4x ??? 


    Back in the day it was suggested to burn as slow as possible for better quality burns, this logic can be reversed now.  Sometimes faster is better because media and firmware are designed for higher speeds....which also means slower is worse.


    What is your lowest level of tolerance for quality rating ???


    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.....





    Lots of media has been tested for you here ~ http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=2833






  2. Just to reinforce what LUK has said...being a beta I install probably 10X more new versions than you do and 9 times out of 10 the settings remain the same from install to install unless there is simply a major change which requires a complete reset of certain settings and features.

  3. Even with the responses you've gotten from the "arrogant fans", whether you like them or not, I think you have your answer from the developer by his lack of presence in this thread....he does read them all.


    EDIT: No one is showing you the door, simply stating that your suggestion has been noted and will probably go no where...although I can't see a problem with adding an box in options to enable/disable the splash screen. Like Shamus said, the routines and checks will be and need to be run regardless.

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