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  1. Happy belated birthday Chris....may you have many more in the future.


    It would be unfair to blame me for there poor ineffective 'resource hungry' spell checker that slows there system down !


    It seems to be working better now. :thumbsup:

  2. You'll have to move the movies out to a different folder or either move the pictures to another folder....you can always move them back once you've burned your project and I would assume you have more pictures than movies, so I'd move the movies.

  3. I already went through that route with use Taiyo Yuden when 1x and 2x media first came out.


    Fuckin hell.....and how long ago was that? My boy was still rattling around in my nutsack at that point...don't you think we've progressed a little technologically since then?



    If you already know what booktyping is and just want a quick video of how to change the booktype in ImgBurn see here ~


    If you are unsure what Bitsetting/Booktyping is read below...


    Use the bitsetting (Set Booktype) feature in your bitsetting software to set your DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD+R DL Media (Only DVD+R/+RW Media) backup to DVD-ROM for much higher compatibility with older DVD players and Game Consoles such as XBOX and PS2. Bitsetting is done during the burning process when bitsetting DVD+R Media. DVD-R Media Bitsetting, Booktyping is at the moment debatable [DVD-R Bitsetting Thread].


    When the booktype field (bitsetting) is changed to DVD-ROM then DVD players are fooled and will think the user has put in a DVD-ROM disc instead of a DVD+R disc and will read it accordingly. This results in an increased chance that the player is able to read the disc and that

  5. I 00:44:25 Destination Media Type: DVD+R DL (Disc ID: RICOHJPN-D01-67) (Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x)


    2.4X isn't supported by your firmware/burner so all you have to choose from is 4X, 6X, and 8X.


    There is a firmware update available for your burner which may give you more speeds to choose from...1.03 from here ~ http://www.firmwarehq.com/LG/GH22NP20/files.html


    It's not required to verify your burns, but it does serve a purpose.

  6. If Cynthia's suggestion doesn't bring you any joy...


    I 16:32:20 Destination Media Type: DVD+R DL (Disc ID: RITEK-S04-66)


    You may want to try some Verbatim discs...they are far superior.

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