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    You have to burn something to the disc before you can booktype it and the result will be DVD-ROM not DVD-R. Have you changed the booktype in the settings for your drive?

  2. It's not necessarily the discs as I've had no problems with the discs you are trying to use, but obviously they aren't working for you. We only suggest Verbatim DVD+R DL discs because the other brands are less reliable. You can see from your log what the supported speeds are for your drive/firmware/media combo, but Verbs may offer more flexibility on what you are wanting to do.



  3. The EZ picker mode was designed for people who really don't know where to start with a burning application, users who have an idea probably don't use it...Mine is set up to start in build mode every time.

  4. They are only rated at 2.4x, hence the problem as imageburn is writing them at 4x or more. This is why the discs are not working correctly.



    This has nothing to do with Imgburn....use any program which shows you supported speeds as reported by the firmware/drive/media combo and you'll see exactly the same thing.

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