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  1. If you chose to create and ISO from shrink you will use write mode, if you chose hard disc folder you will use build mode. Otherwise we can't help you with the operation of DVD Shrink.

  2. I 09:15:23 Write Speed: MAX


    Slow your burn down not to exceed 24X...just a suggestion. You only got a warning in the log which I wouldn't worry about as the burn completed and varified successfully. If you get an error the burn would have been a coaster.

  3. I'll bet if you go back through your logs you'll find the singles you bought show a different MID than the ones you are having problems with now....another reason we only recommend Verbatim. If you buy Verbatim MIS that is what you'll get. Memorex/OD/Sony/Imation etc. all outsource to different companies to manufacture their media it's likely you'll actually be getting a different disc with each new spindle.

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