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  1. #1--> install the latest firmware (B109) for your burner --> http://fwd4.me/J5C


    #2--> Buy a DVD Lens Cleaner & clean your burner with it --> http://fwd4.me/J5D


    #3--> use nothing but Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R Dual Layer discs --> http://fwd4.me/J5G


    #4--> what your burner can burn is found in ImgBurn --> http://fwd4.me/J5H

  2. In Build Mode, When using the Standard Input view




    and then drag & drop a folder in there that contains some random files in it,




    ImgBurn Asks you this:




    Now Lets say you answered YES


    and then go on and click what i call the "Start Job Button"




    ImgBurn will ask you the same question Again!!!




    BuG or Not???




    I don't like my optiarc 7240s for 360 using Verbs MKM-000-01 been awhile and there might now be a new firmware(there will have been a few surely) which improve writing as mine is from march 2009 and probably still using the initial firmware


    Optiarc AD-7240S firmware --> v1.03 (15th October, 2009)


    not bad at all,,,,

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