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  1. I have tried to look everywhere I can think of to find an answer to this but i have had no luck. I recently downloaded a playstation 2 game in the form of an iso in hopes to play it on the emulator i have on my computer (pcsx2). however since the game that i want to play is ordinarily on a dual layered disc, the game always comes in a set of two iso file, one for each layer i assume. my question is how do i combine the two files so that i can play them on my emulator?


    you play 1 disc at a time.....

    you'll reach a point where you'll need to swap disc after a save point...

    just ask on any PS2 forum out there...

    a ONIMUSHA game was like that too...

  2. seriously, i can deal witht the installer...


    but in the app itself, i kinda freaked out...


    especially since i know your usually reluctant to change stuff in your baby (imgburn)


    when i saw those items under the tools menu, i was in shock :teehee:

  3. the media disc is different right?


    you used --> DVD+R (Disc ID: CMC MAG-M01-00)


    your friend used --> DVD+R (Disc ID: SONY-D21-00)


    at least try burning with the same sony discs as your friend..


    your currently using the cheapest discs possible...

  4. There's a new version of the installer that has the uniblue icons disabled by default and unless they're enabled in the installer, the items in the Tools menu won't appear either.


    LIGHTNING UK! put up a new version of the installer

    that doesnt auto-checkmark the ads stuff...

    right here --> http://download.imgburn.com/SetupImgBurn_2.5.1.0.exe

    so re-install it....


    But the ASK Toolbar is still checked by default!!!








    so, although the added ads are still giving me a stomachache

    i can now still enjoy my imgburn again


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