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  1. yeah me too ive asked the BOSS about that cue file...


    my thread is here -> http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...amp;#entry90720


    but i usually dont want to delete the Image before i know if the Burned disc actually works...

    but for AUDIO CD's, i wouldnt mind the auto-delete thing....


    maybe add a box we could tick if we want to specifically delete any type of image after burning is complete....


    Look my screenshot idea




    good idea?

  2. I've done thousands of conversions in my past

    and i can say,

    from my own experiences,

    that DVDFlick is an OK freeware

    but you get what you pay for

    and dont get very good quality out of it...



    for converting video files to DVD-Video,

    i strongly stronly suggest these,

    as it hasn't failed me yet!



    #1- Purchase ConvertXtoDVD


    #2- Buy good quality media


    #3- Burn at Max -> 12X


    #4- Don't use your PC while your burning



    try that and you'll see, your conversions will be just fine!

  3. oh! FS is for File System...

    my bad....



    ok thanx guys!



    [edit by me]


    When i click the "Quick OK" button

    from the CREATE CD CUE File window,

    i know my new created cue file

    is already in queue for burning but,

    once the burning done,

    will the cue file be erased automatically from my HD?

  4. i've read the guide and just about to follow it but just to be triple sure,




    If i want to create a MP3 disc

    because my car audio system can handle MP3's,

    i only need to use the normal build mode + which file sytem?






    If i want to create a AUDIO CD

    because my car audio system can't handle MP3's,

    but of course handles CDA tracks,

    i need to use the CUE method right?

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