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  1. First, dude, you're using the bullshit "themes disabled" style that I absolutely loathe.

    You should demonstrate them in a theme that most people still use,

    god forsaken Luna Blue theme.


    Your icons should show that ISO is a file, not a disc with the letters "ISO" overlayed on it.

    having a disc icon on the page would help.

    Sort of like ImgBurn is now, only maybe smaller to more clearly show that it's a "file",

    not a big disc with a box around it.





  2. When you convert using DVDFlick,

    make sure you set the correct region option...


    PAL or NTSC....


    when your watching a PAL movie on a NTSC tv or vice versa, the image will indeed spin....


    also for the snowee effect, well, all depends from the quality of the source....


    if your source is shit, your conversion will be shit....


    but since ive done 1000 of successfull conversions up to this day,

    i really really suggest you use CONVERTXTODVD....

    It never let me down...

  3. that looks nice.


    yeah thanx, like LUK! said,

    these are basically VISTA default icons + drop shadows on them

    but i edited the red disc one to make a blue disc one....


    that way the red disc icon will represent a burning to disc option

    and the blue disc icon will represent a read from disc option...







  4. I think the main main thing here is people need to know,

    ImgBurn isn't a tool for beginners.


    I have to admit, as i first tried ImgBurn i was really really confused!

    But, i did not complain and put my mind into work!


    I wanted to find why people were letting down NERO for ImgBurn!

    And to mention, i wanted to do the same!

    Kill NERO!!!


    Reading the guides here really helped me alot in understanding how LUK!'s app worked!

    And for the rest, people give amazing support in here!

    BEst in the Bizz!


    I know the PC impaired ones like Nero for its "shareware" design....


    But as i mention, people need to know that ImgBurn isn't a tool for beginners!


    Once they'll know that, they'll stop complaining!

  5. Eventually I'll probably take to using the Vista equivalents of what I have now. I've already started collecting them.


    I'm VERY fussy (about *everything* !) so your icons would have to be *awesome* for me to consider using them. Oh and of course I'd need to have the full range so I can use the same style throughout the program.


    no prob LUK!

    If you dont like em, theres no problem at all!

    i understand that ImgBurn is your baby!



    i think your open to more eye candy stuff so its really cooL from your part!


    thanx LUK!


    If its not LUK!-proof, then its no good :thumbup:



    how are these?



  6. I don't want that cluttering up my main window :P


    You can do it via the queue window or during the burn.





    the "delete the image when done" option....



    didnt know that...



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