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  1. Since Imgburn can burn from a VIDEO_TS folder, is it possible for a future version to have a right click (Burn with Imgburn) option like with an .iso file?


    That would be the best thing in the world!




    i also suggested these in another thread


    #1- when i right-click on 1 or more single files on my pc (imgburn would automatically make the list of data files to burn)

    #2- when i right-click on 1 or more audio files on my pc (imgburn would automatically make the list of audio files to burn)

    #3- when i right-click on 1 or more folders on my pc (imgburn would automatically make the list of folders to burn)



  2. found this program while searching for software to back up my PS2/XBOX games. Kids continually scratch them and tired of buying new ones. This program stated it did thjis. Have tried 3 types of media dvd-r, dvd+r dvdl-r and they all copy perfect. When you try to play them to see if it really worked, PS2 machine does not even recognize there is a disc.

    Did I download the wrong program? and, if I did, how do I det a refund!



    i need to ask you this,

    is your PS2 modified so it can run copied games?

    Cuz if not,

    it's normal that it'll tell you that the inserted disc is not a PS2 disc....

  3. I know an app called VMware Thinapp that turns softwares into portable softwares...

    Maybe you guys heard of it?

    I friend of mine at his computer geek work,

    they bought VMware Thinapp and,

    he tried to make ImgBurn portable using it!

    Well, he succeeded!

    Dunno if people are having troubles with already implemented Portable options in ImgBurn but,

    using VMware Thinapp would probably resolve alot of problems people are encountering i think!


    Thats just a suggestion! I hope i did not offended anybody in any way cuz if so, im sorry... :thumbup:


    edited by eSkRo: oops, sorry, i thought i was posting in the Suggestion Board,,,

  4. i know what you guys gonna say....

    make an IMG of the disc then burn it



    But, every burning software needs to have that option!

    Like my grand-ma could be using ImgBurn

    without asking me how to make a copy of a certain disc she wants....




  5. I've no real interest in implementing multisession support as I personally feel it's a waste of time.


    If I want my files on media where I can keep changing them then I'll use a USB pen or maybe mess around with a FAT32 formatted DVDRAM disc.


    Thats so true,,,,

    i mean,

    i've never had to use NERO Burning Rom's multi-session option!

    It's useless in my opinion...

    If you think you'll need to add or remove file often then,

    just use a USB Stick....

    There so cheap $ these days...

    like 20$ for 8GB....




    edited by eSkRo: sorry for necro bumping that thread.... :innocent:

  6. Even when you sort by LBA?


    The option works fine in itself - afaik anyway, it certainly did when I tried it.


    I never said the name order would change, infact I said it wouldn't do.


    can u tell me how to sort by LBA in isobuster plz?

    maybe its me thats not doing it right,,,


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