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  1. I can't remember if XP has an event viewer or not, but if it does check the Application and Systems events for any issues too
  2. Yes, you can choose the pre-gap in frames or seconds. The new version will also make cups of hot chocolate if you ask nicley too.
  3. One set of water wings in the shape of beer cans on way
  4. You're welcome. If you do find that an ITE card is needed then this one from ebay will do the job. The prices of the card varies. Alternatively if money allows just get a new batch of burners with the SATA interface, thats what I shall be doing for a number of reasons including that I can route the cables better!
  5. Meh too early in the morning....ImgBurn will warn you that you have a rw disc in the drive and ask do you want to continue to burn. This will not happen if you have ticked the "Don't Prompt..." option in the settings. Once the drive is told to burn there is nothing to stop it writing the leadin and that is out of ImgBurn's control. If thats not helped in anyway at all, well thats what happens when I answer half asleep!
  6. If its extra IDE ports then go for one with the ITE chipset. If its extra SATA ports for optical devices then grab one with the new Sil chipset. If its extra SATA ports for HDDs then get anything that is does NOT have the Sil chipset! My personal preference is the Adaptec 4 port PCI-E cards, however 3ware cards are damn good or the budget option would be one from HighPoint (One of their tech guys assured me they do not use any Sil chipsets on their current range).
  7. There is meant to be an issue with the jmicron contoller and optical drives. I'll muck about on thurs and see if I get the same issue (Got that exact board sitting on the floor now). I think I have the burner somewhere too. Keep us posted on if the new driver fixes that issue. Just out of interest does the error happen if you have raid enabled for control mode?
  8. Damn, yeat another birthday ...Looks like April was a fun time of the year
  9. lmao2k


    Où est la Snazz
  10. I use foobar2000 (with ipod plugin) or WMP (with ipod plugin) for my ipod. iTunes is the work of the devil!
  11. There has to be away to force the flash. If there anything on the gateway website?
  12. Newer firmware ? http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/FIRMWARE/...ware-MO02.shtml EDIT:: Hmm, that newer firmware doesn't have any write speeds for that media in the firmware file. You could use MCSE and move the write speeds from another DL media to the S04, but there is no way to say if that would work. Get some decent media like verbs and this sort of thing isn't an issue
  13. What a bummer having your birthday around christmas, least its not actually on christmas day!
  14. I use http://www.iconuk.co.uk/ for my caddies
  15. What he said!! I too have an Raidsonic unit. Those seagate units do look rather cool though. Depends if you plan to need more space. If the answer is yes then get a Raidsonic unit and a few spare caddies so you can hotswap between drives. Else if the answer is no, get that flashy unit.
  16. I'm mandy at the weekend if that counts?
  17. i'm an idiot, so work that one out
  18. Silly question, but when you insert a disc does it actually spin up?
  19. This old gem of a method works perfectly! http://www.xbox-guru.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/divx_to_dvd.htm
  20. Is the burner old, newest firmware being used?
  21. lmao2k

    Newer Ps3

    Isn't PS2 backward compatibility stripped out also? I think novatech are doing a 37" 1080p screen for under
  22. Ritek died when they produced the g05 discs! As for DL discs, verbs are the one and I am sure there are plenty of great deals on them if you hunt around
  23. Did you not get the 2yrs Plextor warranty?
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