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  1. Very powerful magnet or run a high current over the platters
  2. Only reason I could see for hiding it would be to maybe run it without the user being aware. My suggestion would be to load it and simultaneously close your eyes, then you won't know its there.
  3. lmao2k


    I swear customs have nicked our scsi cards and upgraded their own pcs!!!! I'll have 4GB once the box is up and running. Only difference between my spec and lights is the gfx card (card be arsed to upgrade twice and the 1900xt will do for now) and i'll be running some 15K atlas scsi drives that I got for a very good price
  4. Could be your drive, if so its the newest firmware A106. http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=2302
  5. Petrol burns quite well. I wouldn't think you'd have any failures unless someone calls the fire brigade.
  6. lmao2k

    ImgBurn on Linux

    The answer to the development question is the same as when it was asked about dvddec...Not even a slim chance of it happening. You can get these things to run via WINE but it takes a lot of tweaking. Depending on what distro you use of linux will set the level of difficulty to setup and run. I prefer using slackware/debian although I have used freeBSD on and off. Have you tried using lindows or something of that ilk?
  7. Yep I got the firmware from here: http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/2500/ On my 2500a I used "Dee's ND2510 modified firmware 2A5C" - "Orig" (Because I don't know what "Fast" or "RPC1" are). It worked for me. And fixed my problem A big thanks to Liggy and Dee from CDFreaks :D Fast - Unlocked ripping speed, I think it is locked to 2x by default (don't hold me to that!) RPC1 - Essentially the drive is region free, thus meaning you can play region dvd
  8. Change the aspect ratio either in the game on within the setting of your tv
  9. goooogle is evil, mamma is your friend
  10. Are you like 10m away from your pc?? Use the open/close button on the drive ya lazy sod!! I'm not even that lazy
  11. +OK eXJRF/pPJh10lt6WE0h29Q2.XOc880NGLSd/H0pmy/s0nxm.qqwqG1N1UR2.LunNF/cFdyP.rORKH/zEpmo1MusrU0jOupx/9VZE30VeFfP1
  12. That media is like gold dust. Me and light spent ages trying to find some, eventually we did until the supplier (svp) stopped stocking them Burn quality was brilliant on both 4 x and 8x
  13. http://www.webwombat.com.au/entertainment/humour/
  14. posting because i'm bored
  15. At my age, it's not an issue. I see
  16. lmao2k

    Walkman Mobile

    i think the 750 can be upgraded to the 800 via firmware too. I'll try to dig out what phone it was exactly when i get some time
  17. lmao2k


    It should be fine. There will be an option in the bios to disable onboard vga and use a agp/pci slot.
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