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  1. Argh... seeing that damn clip brings back nightmares of "Its looks like you're writing a letter"...no shit sherlock...click, click, annoying unhelpful paper clip disabled Anyways it would have to be a CD called bert or something for it to work
  2. Nah, you just need to be an old, old beta tester to get the joke
  3. The _ONLY_ reason to open source this prog would be to hard code the frog song. C'mon you know it makes sense
  4. lmao2k

    England flooding

    Since I hate warm weather, i'm liking it atm.
  5. Paging Shamus to thread 4405 !
  6. Its a storage facility...Eat a bit...A bit gets stuck...Eat the stuck bit later. This would explain the "well nourished" appearance
  7. I guess there is room within that box to have "Ideal" "Average" "Worst" or something like that
  8. I was on about a real human bride not some doll you filthy lot
  9. I'll take 4, 1 for each season. Wonder if they accept paypal
  10. Pass, a lot of us get a DL verbs from the USA as its still cheaper than getting them from the UK including delivery!
  11. I replaced my PX-712A with a PX-760 and am totally happy with it. I also bought a few 7173 drives which are also very good. I bought a liteon 18x and personally I wish I had bought a blow torch since it would of done a better job! Can't speak about the pioneers, but if the current drives are as good as my 104 then buy one too. Hmm infact just buy a lot of different drives and test, its what we do
  12. 80 pin cable has thinner cables bonded together as opposed to the thicker 40 pin 40 pin 80 pin Have you tried testing it on a different channel (primary instead of secondary)?
  13. I burn everthing 12x unless I forget to select auto
  14. I don't need 2 legs to still walk
  15. old person == slow repsonse!
  16. No, its just running under WINE
  17. Also check the USB enclosure has the most recent firmware for the onboard chip!
  18. I found only a few topics wich were old. The answers were like:"Maybe one day" Is that day near? Will it be implemented in the next version? And when it will be released? In a month, or in a few months? No. Doubtful. What is the meaning of life?
  19. lmao2k

    Verbs in stock!!

    10% off with a discount code atm for all DL media
  20. lmao2k

    Verbs in stock!!

    Hmm that would explain the layout changes at cd-rmedia. Used them for +r 16x verb when they were 19p a disc. No probs at all. Again nice of SVP, just shows why they are at the top of the game.
  21. lmao2k

    Verbs in stock!!

    Cheaper at cd-rmedia.co.uk
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