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  1. Never had a problem from the buying from the states. I usually do a test buy and if all goes well I go in for the kill. I won't be buying anymore for now, so thats leave plenty for everyone else
  2. I got 20 8x verb DL from the usa delivered cheaper than svp delivered. Bought quite a few actually
  3. http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?Quick...NavigationKey=0 if you're desperate
  4. Bird is in the pink is brad, post op
  5. Its not the Stig, its "Steve", notice him below holding the baby below
  6. lfc isn't that phone insured for loss/damage?
  7. I much prefer the data mining signatures.. Apparently lfc, you're name is Jeff, you have a 32D bust and run windows 98se. The accuracy is astounding
  8. I can put two in both of them
  9. Slackware! The internet would keep crashing and need rebooting if it was run of windows server
  10. Vegemite is now also banned on this forum also with marmite. The thought of the stuff makes me feel ill. The day I tasted marmite was one of the worst days of my life, infact its up there with the day I found out Santa wasn't real
  11. could they have made the domain name any longer!
  12. Oh Btw, this thread is now redundant..
  13. Its all that practicing with my little pinky
  14. What has this to do with ImgBurn? ALSO DVD Decrypter is no longer supported and we don't provide support for other utils. Apart from that I can only suggest you buy another copy of whatever you are trying to backup. That way you legally own 2 copies.
  15. lmao2k


    Are you sure? I have a px760A which is 18x and I can assure the quality it not poor by anymeans. It also uses the tried and tested chipsets from Sanyo which are always great quality
  16. Nope that would be insulting to the Scottish, unless the Scottish are all cross dressers. Discuss...
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