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  1. your burn log will tell us what happened, see under help
  2. Welcome to the Forum are you using an internal dvd burner, what speed are you burning at? post a log please
  3. welcome to the forum under tools, drive, erase disk then full for a new rw so imgburn won't see the burned disk at all?
  4. http://majorgeeks.com/download4181.html everest home free will give you the timing and spd of your ram from bios what speed my memory is running at the timings it running at it's spd specs under computer/overclock for newer motherboards you might need to use http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php
  5. gear and pxhelp + vista couldn't cause the miscompare?
  6. http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/en/Optiarc-AD-7170A/ I would try dee's 1.M1 with the drive as master(standalone) on those ricoh disks
  7. semantics, volume in this case means like a book and where does it says adjust, all it's trying to do is name the "volume" what's that old saying? "seperated by a common language"
  8. might as well, if you are expecting 4 TB at 128MB/s
  9. chewy

    speed test

    if the pata drive is dog slow anyway, the burst is the only thing that would get you in trouble with the long cable the length of the cable just weakens the signal, the extra time is insignificant ata33/dma2 was not sited as being a problem
  10. chewy

    speed test

    what I was suggesting is those pata devices would work better if they were using standard cables(18 inch) a controller card makes more sense when you don't have enough pata from the motherboard I save pata onboard for optical drives staying in dma 2 might be a good idea
  11. did you put down a deposit donta? the air is awful thin up there
  12. I don't think it's dvd flick myself and I know it's not ImgBurn it's somewhere between the chair and the keyboard DAXON-AZ3-00 Duration: 00:05:49
  13. have you checked older burns to see if they are still playing in your player? have you checked the newer ones in another player?
  14. It's kind of hard to imagine anyone getting that old a burner as a replacement, are you sure that it was replaced when it was worked on? That burner is about 2 1/2 years old and that's a long time for dvd burners
  15. I would try some verbatim dvd-r burned at 8x
  16. welcome to ISF try lowering your burnspeed to 8X or lower those ricoh disks are not very good your burner seems to be OK tho sounds like your player does not like dvd+r's
  17. chewy

    speed test

    vaguely remember(hard for an old wookie) an 18" spec for the length keeping an old pata hard drive in a newer computer would be ok if you had a pci controller card for it
  18. so this phenomena is not related to burn speed? the long recovery glitch?
  19. would having several drives complicate the matter? P2P software? could windows kick in it's idle disk optimization and prolong the delay?
  20. let's find out what dvd burner you have now open imgburn, under mode select read, insert a previously burned dvd(one you made with that burner) and copy and paste the right hand window into a reply this part
  21. try removing the gear and the pxhelp(tied to sonic, itunes etc) and reboot if that does not help be looking for a good external as already advised the clipboard button would have been the same as copy
  22. since that's a newer drive, newer model, let's assume you haven't worn it out yet under tools in imgburn, copy and paste the filter order
  23. a 12 minute gap for such a little update? It usually takes a video conversion hitting the same drive with a 4 gig write/author that I am using for source of the burn. Once was enough with that mistake for me
  24. I guess some laptop drives won't even burn verbatim with any consistency ? have you posted a filter driver load order? tools
  25. If you bought a legitimate copy of halo3 then I would return it for replacement
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