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  1. I like "chef" et all but their job is a thankless one, rpc1 is a hopeless task, google is our "best friend" donta sony be damned, give me a crossflash and be done with them matey!
  2. Sony DRX 820U is the drive and sony's update for firmware is http://sony.storagesupport.com/dvdrw/drx820udwn.htm
  3. buffer to a local hard drive first and then lower burn speed to 8x but first update your firmware http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=2109
  4. and then there's the update issue, 8's official release date was oct 1? and they are already up to Version: Release Date: October 10, 2007 File Size: 178 MB (187041352 bytes) MD5 checksum: b57d6bc7bdba8e626d50a962e17e069f
  5. nero has a nasty habit of getting corrupt, causing all sorts of problems with updates/upgrades, hence nero coming out with their clean tools, they seemed to have addressed this with the new version 8 Then you have the problem with resources as with almost any bloatware, their ultrabuffer asks for a lot of ram when burning a dvd, not quite sure what was the point in all that? For troubleshooting bus issues, Imgburn's filter driver load order tool is quite handy for support. One of the first things I suggest when a person is having issues burning dvd's with nero is using Imgburn to trouble shoot with. I can't even imagine using nero to troubleshoot Imgburn.
  6. without even a computer model, no idea of what burner, not to mention which blanks, all you will get is wild guess's start with verbatim media, burn at 4x go from there a burn log will tell us the rest
  7. donta, so if it's running in ide emulation, then xp picks it up without any sata drivers?
  8. the latest drive I could find for that chipset was WinXP IDE SataRAID Driver (v6.66) "WHQL" WinXP IDE SataIDE Driver (v6.66) "WHQL Release Date: July 7, 2006
  9. I confess, I used packet writting software in 1998 with windows 95/easy cd and my first cd burner didn't work even back then
  10. I would be tempted to try the beta bios and a pioneer 212 but i probably hosed my controller sata part when I ran HT at 1400 and crashed windows in 2 weeks
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Rainier_(packet_writing) nero 7 sure had problems with xp, nero 8 or Vista(ultimate bloatwares) probably still won't get it to work right it seems that more and more dvd burners are coming out with dvd-ram, does anyone think that will take off and be practical for this use? or are you running into the same problems all over again? even at 4 gigs the usb drives are limited
  12. it's been pretty well documented that the via 8237 will not get that samsung drive to work properly, the later 8237+ which features ide emulation will issues have been not being able to update firmware or use bitsetting bios flashes or driver updates do not work "all the kings horses and all the king's men" and even Imgburn can't put that one together
  13. Ever do a 16x copy on the fly? In 6 minutes or less? And have a quality scan of 90 or above? I have made coasters at 8x or even 4x Reading to the hard disk and burning back, like cornholio advised last year is the best method
  14. I got lucky and got a great nec 3550, except for the layer of scum that collected crud on the laser lens, which i cleaned, your drive is far better at 12x burns than mine, at 12x and 16x mine had major issues. At 8X when new it burned some of my best burns ever, of course I had some tyg02, yuden t02 and mcc 004 that were better than you'll see today I was so disappointed with poor firmware support and the plex 708 and 712 I never used a 716 or later drives, my nec's or benq's or LG did as well for less than half the money
  15. there's a lot of important stuff missing from that log might have to get a pata burner or a sata pci card that old via southbridge?
  16. welcome to the Imgburn forum from the cdfreak thread
  17. It's always better to buy the game before you try to burn a backup, downloading a torrent is quite illegal but your blanks are a waste of time, buy verbatims you might at least update your firmware for your burner that's 3 strikes
  18. I noticed there were no verbatim dl burns in the "drives and media" subforum by an optiarc? surprisingly the 7173A did quite well at 12x with premium media note, the plex 800 is an nec/optiarc 7170A
  19. you could put the cdspeed or disk speed in a folder on your desktop and put the aspi? in there with it Is my guess?
  20. ecs has a kv2 extreme with an onboard via and another oboard sis controller?
  21. You haven't been using any of those serial or pata connections on the bottom of the motherboard that are controlled by the sis raid controller, have you?
  22. chewy

    Nice Monitor

    what are the usb connections for?
  23. believe it or not, that chipset finally got support for ODD on sata, but only with the latest bios on newer motherboards I suspect no matter how recent a driver you load if the motherboard manufacturer doesn't support it with their bios, you are up sh!te's creek, no paddle. god forbid I think it was biostar mobo shudder me timbers matey
  24. for those of us still using Nero CD-DVD Speed V4.60 ---> 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the noreg if you have to ask what the 64 bit version is for then use the 32 bit Enable_CDSpeed_Scanning_32bit.zip Enable_CDSpeed_Scanning_64bit.zip
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