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  1. I use only hacked firmware if it's available or needed? That's one of the reasons I avoid pioneer, their crossover firmware is a little too complicated, too many steps. I did that with my older benq 1620 oem to enable quality scanning, crossflashed a pioneer is still a poor scanner. If I had one I would probably leave it alone and just use it for dual layer burns.
  2. chewy

    Help Please

    so you have to do it in 3 minutes? or verify manually?
  3. you would see something to this effect if you have usb2 on any usb port adapters are cheap and make that older laptop usable test the external on someone else's computer before the return date expires, might be a good drive I wouldn't even bother with a dvd burner in a laptop, if they do burn ok, they break sooner
  4. welcome tothe forum might be the drive http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=181030 or the blank http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia?dvdmedia...=INFODISCA10%20 probably a combination of the two try a verbatim or taiyoYuden regular dvd+/-r
  5. I read that thread earlier I know what we would do before we pull and pitch the drive, but it would be in the interest of science and breaking things
  6. it's your laptop, external drives do awful when they are using usb1 interface? in device manager under usb you would see an enhanced controller if you have usb2?
  7. those oem's won't take the generic firmware with binflash
  8. which is the generic tosh/sam firmware and is probably safe to try as long as you don't use the crossflasher sfdnwin (with nocheck)
  9. I did a search on that crossflash, a mod fried his burner over at cdfreaks using non uniform(different size) firmwares, one person was going to try it with same size firmware but hasn't reported back very iffy
  10. that drive is sufficently old that comcrap/hp should have released a firmware upgrade by now, maybe if enough people rma'd the drive they would wake up
  11. welcome to the forum make sure they play first off the hard drive(software player) but here's an excellent guide for beginners or wookies http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=4632
  12. Using a new 80 conductor cable is also a good idea, there's usually something not quite right when a drive starts dropping into pio mode.
  13. I have only had that error once, but it was due to a partition/drive that I let get too full and badly fragmented. Just to be safe I moved all critical data off that drive, since it was a small partition I reformatted slow ntfs, been fine ever since Does the video play off the hard drive?
  14. imgburn does not read commercial protected dvd's
  15. try a data cd(imgburn build mode) with a 700MB avi, if your player is newer and divx/xvid compatible?
  16. http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia?dvdmedia...h+or+List+Media which ones did you buy?
  17. chewy

    speed test

    what a nightmare, hard drives should never share, unless they are never going to used at the same time(talking to each other) If I have 3 pata dvd burners in a computer, the 2 which will be used for on the fly are going to be on seperate ide's. Your new computer needs to be benched by something that taxes the cpu/memory bus and is not bottlenecked with disk I/O. try a video compression test from hard drive to hard drive on seperate cables you won't read a dvd much faster than 5 minutes no matter what, hard drive to hard drive takes about 2 minutes for a little over 4 gigs, but fast memory or fast cpu is not needed convert an avi to mpeg2 or try a 55% compression of mpeg2 and then your upgrade will slaughter your older computer 3dmark and aquamark are fun to run also, then you get to see video components having a play
  18. a 700 MB avi is usually burned to a blank cd not a dvd now 6 of them would fill a single layer dvd
  19. and the conclusion is ritek d01 is very inconsistent media, bottom of the barrel repeat test with verbatim
  20. http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=1917 You are using the oldest firmware, amazing that it worked at all BYX5, but don't try 4X dl burning wait a minute, it didn't get this part right?
  21. I wonder if the filter load order tool will even work? with 670MB in use, no telling what's going on?
  22. wonder what other software causes this?
  23. I don't agree, it's most like a sony sonic conflict, assuming his clean installs were just putting all that crap back on his hard drive fresh messed with fixing some of those vaio's for a while, ended up wiping them and installing a clean copy of xp you would have to clean the filters and the registry then install imgburn
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