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  1. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=705146 this article talks about the burning profile for such disks to play on a hd-player
  2. chewy

    format hdd

    no it will be delayed indefinitely to provide an incentive for us all to buy vista
  3. chewy

    format hdd

    every time i refer someone to nlite they go overboard, it's like pandora's box what I really need to do is integrate the damn sata drivers for all the chipsets I have loaded computers with in the last year or two, I have been trying to leave a floppy disk in the bottom of the case but half the time the damn thing won't work
  4. chewy

    format hdd

    you will have to use the slipstreamed cd you will make or wait for the one from newegg the old one is only good for getting the base cab files from with nlite it's a piece of cake
  5. some stores are running 100 for 23$, that's about as good as it gets 50 for 15$ ain't bad tho
  6. chewy

    format hdd

    just boot to the xp cd and have it delete the partitions and recreate them, little tricky but stay away from fdisk as it's out of date with newer large hard drives
  7. in the USA officemax has verbatims on sale about the best media from stores with your drive I would stick with the dvd-r's as I doubt it will bitsett the dvd+r's to dvd-rom
  8. might get a bit over an hour of video at 10000Mbps on a dual layer my h264 file of 26 min went to 2.6 gigs when I converted and burned to single layer wonder if they will ever get standalones playing mkv's
  9. and all these years I thought that cda's were real files http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CD_Audio_track_shortcut makes a lot more sense now
  10. well it all works, too bad my dvd player won't recognize the disk(cd-r), plays fine in the computer drive tho with powerdvd
  11. chewy

    format hdd

    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en you need the big one elizabeth and nlite
  12. you might test with about 20 minutes of clips at most and set target to 800 MB and let flick make a mini dvd compilation that imgburn will burn to cd for you never tried this myself
  13. Imgburn won't convert those apple?mp4 files to anything playable on standalone dvd players, you would use build mode to make a data dvd http://www.dvdflick.net/features.php supposedly dvd flick supports quicktime, that will convert to video mpeg2 files that imgburn can make a dvd of
  14. what is the pioneer slaved to? http://www.lavalys.com/products/overview.p...=UE&lang=en everest trial might prove useful especially to look at the voltage rails under a heavy load/gaming etc what controller is the liteon hooked to and what drivers is it using?
  15. disconnect the dvd-rom and leave it disconnected try the sata liteon by itself with the pioneer disconnected
  16. it would seem to simply matters thanks for the detailed explaination Ligthning!
  17. details please, I have seen more problems with power supplies and dvd burning that are hard to track down http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/t137886.html best site I have ever found for this stuff
  18. you've changed os's, changed drives, changed media have you checked the cable and/or the power supply? tested memory?
  19. how are the drives jumpered and connected to the cable(s)? never have really figured out how to read this part does it show both drives connected to the primary ide with the first as master and second as slave? since mine are always standalone masters I can't compare
  20. make sure you stick with the older slower verbatims usb and only 1 firmware for that drive would make them the safest choice
  21. would you post that log please under help in imgburn
  22. what's your cpu, hard drives and video card try hooking up the extras one at a time and test a burn might need a better power supply, or something might have a bad connection, or even a device that's pulling down the voltage too much those ultras claim a lot of watts but don't supply many amps
  23. how are the disks wasted? looks like a good burn
  24. your filter drivers look fine, native xp only you would need to test a burn with that I am not a big fan of ultra products like Luk said it might be a driver issue
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