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  1. windata and microcenter market a clone disk made in hong kong I know, I bought 200 of their yuden t02's, utter crap a benq would spit them out, an nec would barely burn a usable disk, my old lg actually made a tolerable burn at 4x on a few of them
  2. it might be a crossbrand? http://wesleytech.com/plextor-exits-cd-dvd-markets/63/ but then this reaffirmation http://www.cdrlabs.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=164336
  3. Night over at you know where swears his pioneer was only good with DL, course he's got 5 or 6 maybe more benq's and many hundreds of TY's stockpiled, he pulled his pioneer and put it back in the closet, said the benq's burn DL almost as good anyway and he likes to scan his burns. Had a new plex(external) and gave it away to a fellow member cause it wasn't up to his standards, now that's picky.
  4. thanks LUK, I thought I was losing my memory from zimer's
  5. I am real confused? http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=3116 afaik corn complained about this issue a while back
  6. when did pioneer implement autobitsetting for dvd+r? afaik you had to use the buffalo firmware and pioneer burns dl best but the samsungs do sl better and bitsett with stock firmware newer nec's aren't as good as the 35xx/45xx line???????
  7. Beautiful work Kirk, red oak? Long ago and far away I ran into a retired UTK PE professor, under a shed carport behind his lakehouse was a stack of wood, maybe 8 ft x 8 ft x 6 ft high. Black walnut, he picked the logs standing, had them cut in winter, then aged and then rough sawn. The stack was perfectly level and square with heavy weights on top. He had misted it every evening for two weeks. It was air dryed for a year, I walked around it and only saw a couple of hairline checks in the board ends. There was only one sawmill in ET that he would use and a kiln in N Georgia for the final dry. He made one piece of furniture a year for close family only. Used to be an old codger here that made grandfather clocks(woodwork), same kind of wood, you ordered and paid for your clock up front, he took a month to do the case and then used hand rubbed tongue oil, one coat a month, 12 coats.
  8. It's about 2-3 years old. Def USb 2.0. Its a p4 2.7 with 2 gb of ram make sure the hard drive has plenty of free space and is reasonably defragged never try usb to usb drive on the same controller, too much I/O for one, with them sharing a cable to the hub especially
  9. I had a disk a while back that would pass verification but I noticed glitches in viewing on an older dvd player A quality scan revealed some issues with disk The data was intact and could be recovered with a good slow reader
  10. Are they focked? Anyone having good results?
  11. windoz doesn't like anything with thousands of files, try to keep everything divided up into folders with a couple of thousand files max
  12. Inclusion of aknowledgement at the first of a burn log that bitsetting has been implemented
  13. I never tried burning a 700MB/80 minutes disk with that old a cd writter? 2000/2001 and HP has no support for it either?
  14. that old drive's firmware is almost 2 years old, but supports that mid code try some better disks or one from another part of the spindle, crosscheck against the laptop
  15. or "Are you trying to burn a dvd video disk?"
  16. A lot of newer users had the same problem when build mode came out, the wording of the prompt is a little confusing after you try to make a data dvd out of a set of dvd compliant video files.
  17. weird? Amilos notebooks use that drive and have a AX31 firmware http://www.amilo-forum.com/topic,30,-Firmw...-dvd-drive.html
  18. a google search for that drive yields lots of problems, dell doesn't help much either LG and Samsung make good standard drives but their oem's for laptops seem to have more than their share of problems Philips is another one
  19. laptop drives don't hold up well or burn DL for that matter
  20. chewy

    Movie Chat

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0479537/ I can't spell limited release?
  21. Well they are here and the first report are discouraging, scratched disks, discolored, etc $1.40 apeice Sam's Club 50 pack http://forum.digital-digest.com/attachment...mp;d=1177591764
  22. chewy

    Movie Chat

    Blood Diamond was better than Hotel Rowanda in my book, Last King of Scotland wasn't that good Catch a fire was OK Bridge to Teribita? seemed OK A real sleeper is supposed to be Seraphen Falls
  23. download and extract the firmware, make sure your desktop is clean enough to find it in safe mode make a new folder and but the files in there and download binflash also pressing F8 at bootup gets you into safe mode directions are included, take your time
  24. if bitsetting dvd+r's(single layer) is important to you then just flash with liggy's nec/optiarc 5170A firmware do it in safe mode so dma will be disabled otherwise I would at least upgrade to the newest sony firmware http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=2370 since it's based on nec's stock 5170A there will be no bitsetting support for dvd+r dual layer dvd+r should auto bitsett with all firmwares
  25. my link showed book type and decent burns with imgburn???
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