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  1. since i reauthor main files only and break up unusally long compilations into 2 disks and am still waiting to see a high quality scan of a DL burn, I'll stick with SL disks(whose technology has almost matured).
  2. not entirely true , Ctrl/I learn something every day, not sure why I would ever need it tho?
  3. I am old time shrinker/ newtime iso man.
  4. I don't do dual layer, but the one thing I know is don't use shrink! shrink won't open iso's, it makes them google is your friend
  5. In order of quality and consistency SL TYG0X's Yuden T0X's everything else DL Verbatim + format nothing else ranks a gross generalization!
  6. rescan same disk ]My Webpage[/url]
  7. benq 1620 burning sony 8x dvd+R @ 12x 7+minutes nec burns at 12x all had bad spikes ~@ 3gig mark why does my next best burner have to be my only good scanner? ]My Webpage[/url]
  8. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=...&highlight=4166 patience with new drives
  9. I am considering the liteon's for a crosscheck scanner, glad to hear LG will be included.
  10. Imgshack won't host the scan, it scored 97! That's the unbelievable part! Rare thing for a 16x burn(in my experience)
  11. Zevia at cdfreaks has some sort of tweak that takes 3 seconds off the time, he won't share it. When mine dies it will get a full honor guard and 21 gun salute. :& #39;(
  12. I know there are a lot of burners, but what I consider the best isn't shown. It's quality scans leave a lot to be desired since it doesn't scan and reads almost anything without errors. ]My Webpage[/url]
  13. good example, I ordered the kung fu season 3 from amazon, 4 dual layer flipper disks(dvd-18's) = 8 disk set 30$, authoring probably costs a few thousand, production less than 1$ a disk!
  14. now what do these two speed graphs have in common? x x x same disk as earlier beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  15. well, it obvious that scanning a problematic burn is very inconsistent as read errors enter into the measurement of write errors. My test confirms dvdinforpro giving a higher QS to such disks even after measuring worse levels of PIE's and PIF's. These cloned disks are manufactured in hong kong, the burn was made on a nec 3550(modded for bitsetting)(same write strats as stock) overspeeded to 16x Jitter was the only consistent factor comparing the 2 scans. The rogue spike is consistent(hence not a real rogue) which I have found to be the rule not the exception in my scans. I hope I haven't bored anyone too much! I guess I am trying to make a science out of this.
  16. My scans match from cdspeed and dvdinfo pro, but then again they aren't quite as broadrange as your's. I tend to avoid problematice media. The last several posted seem to have some real bad areas that aren't getting penalized enough with the QS, I will burn and scan some clone Yuden T02's I have and crosscheck. I sure I can find a burner/firmware or two that will overspeed them. Who knows yet about the new benq's?
  17. I think the dvdinfo pro team needs to take a hard look at their formula, I am seeing PIF max's and averages that seem way high for the QS assigned, they may be ignoring rogue spikes well enough but something's not quite right. my 2 pence
  18. we had similar problems when our isp switched dns servers last year, nothing worked quite right, the old servers weren't being updated and some sites worked fine others not at all
  19. nice bandwidth Shamus somehow I kept getting the download from MS, why would it be blacklisted?
  20. You don't have to use all that advanced stuff, server is just there to keep all the underlings in control, nothing to do with dhcp. Or just do a complete power down of your network and power up your virtual server first. I would be very interested in LUK's spin on this. When I betatested W2003 it came out of the box just like I set my Wxp machines up.
  21. Or just put W2k server on your most stable machine!
  22. It's that staying on for weeks in a serverless peer to peer that makes networking flacky. Similar small business enviroments are usually maintained by at least weekly power downs. The power up is the important part with the best machine booting first and assuming the browsmaster role.
  23. what's user friendly about networking?
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