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  1. There is no guarantee about any burning! Its just about taking the risk and reading about other peoples experiences. I have verbatims but since i updated to 2.5.0 ive only had coasters. Then I downgraded back to 2.4.0 and never had a problem since!


    Maybe it was my batch of dvds i got that had defects or maybe the software i have no idea. Its like every person has a diffrent personality. Just like your drive + computer. The moral of the story is its just about taking the risk.


    If i was you, id go and buy a better cd drive. Lg drives mess up too often. I have a samsung


    Downgrading did not fix your issue as there is no issue with and burning xbox 360 images to disc .. Messing with settings stopped yours working like having USER specified layerbreak option ticked instead of calculate optimal which it would then get from a .DVD file ..unless someone sabotaged the .DVD by inserting a totally random (other than the proper 1913760) LB position for 360 backups

  2. Disc is not the problem. I changed multiple discs and didn't solve the problem.


    Firmware is SB03.


    Questions is why CBurnerXP can do it in the same machine on the same disc?



    If thats what you believe then why not just use that then ? That situation has never happened any of my computers (I have a few). There is no way of knowing if a Write once disc would have worked on X software after X software failed in the same way you cannot say the one that failed in x software would not have also failed in x software had you a time machine to test that.


    I have been using ImgBurn for years. It worked fine until a week ago. .
    The software is not on a use-by date or countdown to stop working. Which means it's not ImgBurn causing your problems, looking at it from a logical point of view.



    Can you post a log from when it failed when using say MCC or TYG02 or TYG03 or something different to CMC, INFOSMART, INFODISC



    Also use a bit more detective work in trying to remember what may have changed since it stopped working, maybe your bios reset, did you follow the advice given by Cynthia who suggested to go into bios and change they way your sata ports handle devices, EG in my bios I use IDE emulation for sata devices and they all work as they should in windows . Having your sata ports AHCI can cause optical devices to not work well and using some of the options tied into the SATA options on your motherboards bios setup might actually get your writer working or tbh bin it and buy something else see if that fixes it and save the hassle if that one does it then reinstall your computer or take it to a PC shop and get them to fix it .

  3. ok let me try this again...


    "I have gone back to and everything is snappy fast again..."


    I tried EXACTLY the same .iso's with exactly the same CD's/DVD's for each and on it was FAST on 2.5 its SLOW and painfully annoying



    Post a log from

  4. Firmware in the Philip's drive is not really geared towards the media you are using. eg 2.4x on dvd-r is not valid and the firmware has just turned 3 years old, maybe time for a new drive :(


    Also what about the solidburn slowing stuff down as per it's job.

  5. Thanx 4 the quick reply Mmalves, I've tried a lens cleaning disc (only a cheap 1)


    I'd buy a new drive if I was 100% sure "the drive" was broken but it still plays DVD/CD's, if it was broke why would it still play???


    Any ideas? The discs are recognized when I load them in, & as far as I know the burn is complete, just not verifying (or working)


    Are you new to this forum? Is this the proper way to alert ImgBurn support of problems?



    There is no software error here . In other words it's not ImgBurn causing your errors it's your drive your drive and media combination.




    It's mmalves first day so go easy on him :lol


    mmalves offered you the best advice follow it step by step with the suggestions hopefully changing to some Quality media will fix it if not replace your drive.

  6. I come to here make a suggestion that not suggested before. But instant show doors, describing it as "stupid suggestion", close your eyes... So many unnecessary, unkind replies. But sometimes this happens when few arrogant people joined together in somewhere. It's about your quality not mine.



    You are taking it far too personally. I know my post was made in fun.



    Either way you have your answer now please let us just leave it.

  7. Get a better system / hard drive / combination / 2 burns on a decent / optimised * / configured system from 1 fast enough hard drive like samsung F1 (non green/eco version) should not take any longer than 1 burn although it's not recommended for users and AFAIK ImgBurn has no road map to enable this feature request anytime soon if even ever. I believe that is Authors stance. He will correct me if I am mistaken.



    * I/O / sata > Ide > Usb /

  8. I 13:12:25 Destination Device: [1:0:0] Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200A 1.06 (E:) (ATA)

    There's newer firmware available for your burner (remove any disc and close the tray before updating then reboot after it's finished). You might also want to burn at 8x or 12x for a better burn quality.



    OK thank you I did do the update so if I could just understand everything eles I'd be great!!! :/:wacko:


    In build mode click little disc in picture. Which will switch the Output to your Dvd writer directly instead of creating an ISO and MDS file on your hard drive.



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