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  1. hi, im having the very same problem, i have a very similar drive with the xps laptop and tried to chane the booktype while getting the same results, so i did trial and error with either other tabs like samsung that looked like it was going to work, but didnt when i put the disc in my xbox 360, and also tried burning while doing nothing at all. I highly doubt its the .img's i am using because i have tried downloading and ripping them, and am also using the proper discs (verbatim DVD+R DL).


    Any thoughts? Thanks.



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  2. Just to add if your DVD writer is faulty .. You can get Semaphore Timeout Errors internally. I have one such drive a Pioneer 109 that used to be in usb enclosure that displayed random STE errors (BTW it's not specific to Dual Layer burning) it can happen to any burn type. Anyways my Pioneer 109 in enclosure STE on random basis when I was experimenting to stop STE.. Even when this drive was placed on IDE cable internally it still gave Semaphore Timeout Errors (this is very uncommon on internal) I have only ever seen it once out of over 50 DVD writers placed internally (so I can only assume it even had issues with the 2 chipsets my motherboards used at that time (probably Nforce without Ide storage driver)


    What you may like to try is using wnaspi32 instead of SPTI as I/o Interface. Whilst in enclosure. I had quite a bit of success in stopping STE when using this ( I seem to recall +R being more susceptible somewhat but maybe there is an amount of doubt in my mind to that being too accurate of a statement as It has been quite a while since I have had STE (that maybe down to I have so many drives and a huge collection of usb enclosures that with me not changing the drives around that occupy the caddies for sometime now) also try the other I/O interfaces (as above I had most success with wnaspi32 no guarantees but do some testing with the cheaper single layers (it's a funny business though as in you will try 5 or 6 single layers and you will have seemed to cured it then the second you try for a keeper on say DL+ it does it) very infuriating.



    Your best bet is to connect it to your motherboards IDE/SATA as LUK has said and 99.9999999 times/100 it will stop.

  3. I would .LMAO


    There is nothing wrong with my cd/dvd drive
    There maybe is. Why ask for help. Why ? If you know the answers do you want or need help ? Stop being so rude. Anyone who answered did so to try and help you please respond to them in a pleasant and thankful manner. It is not the program causing you this (well at 99.9999999% certainty it's not) No one forced you to use this Free software.


    And btw it's ImgBurn not Imageburn which is why it's not http://forum.imageburn.com/index.php?showt...st=0#entry97747

  4. A lens cleaning disc? Are there any other ways of doing this? Maybe disassembling the drive manually and using some kind of cleaning agent with a cloth material on the lens? What puzzles me is that this drive has worked before.. :(



    Yeah if you are careful and confident you can pull apart and back together some Isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth e.g (spectacle/lens cleaning cloth) then clean lens.



    Nothing lasts forever :|

  5. It was on clonecd and is also on a Tony Hawks game on gba/ds (might be the n-gage game I have) I thought it was from The Wild Thornberrys. NieA under 7 apparently used it in an epsisode as well.

  6. Just to clarify Darth_Muppet there is no problem with ImgBurn it worked. The disc was a good burn and is a good backup. The advice given to check out this on an xbox forum was good and if followed will result in learning why it refuses to play on the xbox even though past ones worked OK, things move on.

  7. Hey,

    I've been checking out this form for about a week or so. I have been able to successfully download and burn a couple of xbox 360 games. But now I seem to only be able to find torrents with the game made up of about 72 different .rar files. Is there something i have to do to convert them into the .dvd format? Or can I just burn the individual files to the DVD?




    We do not know try google

  8. Who 'upgraded' your xbox in the first place? I'm guessing it wasn't you or you wouldn't be asking for help with this stuff.


    I already told you that it's a problem with your console, surely that gives you some clue as to where you need to look for a solution?



    You said you had lost the +10 attack power elf armour . No wonder the head of rage had no effect and remainded stuck up his arse.

  9. You don't burn the firmware only run it usually


    sure you can just extract it using 7zip then open extracted folder and double click install it creates 2 Dll files in directory then asks you to proceed to install firmware.


    Maybe wrong as I don't have that drive so it will not let me proceed

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