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  1. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...dpost&p=967
  2. It comes across as very rude and tbh a bit lazy info was there to be read if you took a minute to search and read it. User error is generally the reason something goes wrong including being a cheapskate and buying rubbish media and buying the crappiest writer on the market. There is a wealth of info on the internet about which dvd writers are good and those that suck yet thousands of these rubbish writers are sold and end up on here
  3. seems you have a virus. if you get too many secrets. Search the forum about this and you will find a link to download a program to fix it.
  4. Can anyone else see this log ? or you keeping it a secret ?
  5. It's becuase your drive does not really support the media you are using.. Right click on your drive in ImgBurn and click check for firmware update, if you find one update drive... Take any disc form drive and keep tray closed or read any read me that describes update process 2.4x is not a valid speed for dvd-r
  6. Now I am PMSL Saying as you live in Leeds then asking people who live in Brazil, Australia, America etc. When one of them replies and says the shop down the road from them sells them, hardly gonna be cheap for you to get them. Some in Uk allow pick up CCL online are they not based in Leeds or close.
  7. SATA and optical can be a bit tricky well IMO It's more tricky than PATA. The way motherboard manufacturers have gone though getting rid of 2 dedicated IDE ports and now using 1 proprietary and 1 third party is Very Nasty and sometimes can be just as tricky as getting a Sata writer to work (things have got a lot better with Sata dvd writers) but I still prefer PATA / IDE
  8. Hi just do a google for Verbatim dvd,s there are 100,s of UK suppliers Steve Or click on the link mmalves kindly provided
  9. As above nothing to do with what you are burning only the drive and the media you are using ...It is hit n miss.
  10. If the external case is dual eg usb2 and 1394 try usb it is a little more cpu hungry but on all of mine it's not a problem Try your external on a few computers, your mates pc's for example that may use different 1394 chipsets at mobo side.
  11. cheeky gits won't let you on with IE7 or lower :lol
  12. To be fair there are only about 1,180 results for "Logical Unit Communication. BTW try changing your IDE cable to a NEW 80 Wire (even if using 80 wire already change it - make sure it's in properly and you are using latest firmware/ and updated drivers for your controller/ chipset)
  13. If there are any DVD ROM readers left out there that do not read + r you will probably get away with bitsetting to DVD-ROM if any of those DVD Rom readers cannot read a Dual layer there is nothing you can do to disc for it to be readable in those readers.
  14. It was my Mr Chips and Roy Walker impersonation (The Host of Catchphrase) :lol It means the disc you burnt will work in my xbox 360 but not in yours as there is nothing wrong with the disc you burnt the problem lies elsewhere as in yours will not Boot that disc but mine will. Yours may well be capable of booting all your previous backup disc's that used XGD2DVD_NTSC but not what has replaced those words anyway google has all the answers btw update your firmware from 1.4 1.5 etc As this is not an ImgBurn problem use google as the disc write and verify was successful Also I know times are hard since Batman went solo but try to please buy a few more games.
  15. What is this benefit ? hot plug, NCQ Can I see some read speads / some write compared to legacy IDE mode when not in RAID http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AHCI http://www.intel.com/technology/serialata/ahci.htm
  16. At the end of the day anyway It's Never an ImgBurn problem if something comes out black and white HTF can it be. Especially when it's a game. If you have a video disc shot in black and white and you copy it with ImgBurn you get black and white ...What goes in comes out. ImgBurn certainly does not and cannot make it colour. hey lol google pal/ntsc issues and you will see some issues like your TV might well do pal / ntsc but not 60 hz or not pal 60 and also look at issues under certain connection limitations to said TV's ..Then get your TV FIXED or update it to a modern one. If it is modern email SUPPORT of whoever makes your TV Co's it's broken or a very poor brand for the 21st century.
  17. We are back to wave wave wave "Say what you see" Google 3rd _ _ _ _ and how to FIX your console
  18. Ahh Under device output Nope mine are Data when I add a Jpg and 1 avi "Just Say No"
  19. News to me :lol actually Yeah this will/might be the page 2 stuff luk added in either latest or the version just before this one. Sorry. I still think of it as video or data
  20. It's not a divx video disc there is no such thing as such. If it's got a video_ts then yeah but it ain't so it's not. What says it's a divx video >? windows/ dvd player ? Unless you mean something else If so I have no idea what you're going on about.:Lol
  21. The dvd writer you have is a terrible one which obviously is part of the problem, a big part it has to be said but if you can find firmware for it update it..., it might help. The present firmware does not have a write strategy for the MKM-003-00 disc's you have.. You should really have bought MKM-001-00 2.4x ones and not the 8x ones. A new firmware might include a strategy for the 8x MKM-003-00 or it might have a tweaked Generic 8x write strategy. So try a firmware update if you can get one.. If still no good after updating then get an external burner or buy some 2.4 MKM-001-00 Verbatim
  22. Which means it's a PAL / NTSC 60Hz issue as LUK said. LOL Strange because I've changed settings around, and nothing changed.. lol.. You make no sense
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