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  1. HMmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    could be a number of things

    1st guess

    toshibaset top player doesn't like brand of disc


    settings in ulead software


    I use pinnacle studio 11, they have a user forum, full of people that have already encountered ALL the problems , and all the cures

    ulead probably has a user forum also, (just google ulead-sort your way to the forum for your software)

    "there is no better cure then other people using the same program"

  2. 1

    News reports terrorist are learning to use the web without leaving trace to there ip address. ?REALLY?

    I'd at least like to be able to use enough of this knowledge to keep those holy rollers from sending me gospel, looking like it comes from adult sites, everytime I accidently wind up there




    After I accidently winding up there, how do I make sure its off this computer, my cookie remover(? and what ever other cleaner I'm using?)

    seems to have left a copy or link to "kentucky firefighter"

    did not go over well, when it got found

  3. I threw the site address away when she gave it to me

    it was a register and pay by the minute site

    you could just google "short-big women"--close enough!!!!!!!!!!

  4. all too true

    I'm already the bad guy, got in trouble when she started her own porn site, ugh!!!!!!!!!

    its been going awhile now

    and 2 of us brothers get the crying phone calls at 3 am

    he needs a good lawyer (unfortunatly every divorced male knows, the lawyers are in it for themselves)

    doesn't seem to matter much of anything in michigan, wife is always entitled

    law says 50%, but if she doesn't agree, lawyers won't take you in to judge till you give in to demands, and agree

    I haven't been single long enough to discuss divorce and keep my blood pressure down


    but I'll pass all your suggestions on


    keyloggers/auto-screen capture/spyware

    as long as screen capture is up--any one use "fraps" before

  5. Spyware!

    I thought I'd start with the most devious people I knew.(knew you'd appreciate the compliment shamus)

    I think brother wants to monitor wifes computer love emails

    (he has a bad woman problem)

    And he probably should keep the program hidden too

    (her computer savy 1- ---5---10 his 1-2---------10)



    Suggestions guys. I've already suggested a lawyer. Hope he does nothing stupid

    The kid(daughter) would be better off with him, but you know divorce judges

  6. Removed this disk from my settop dvd player/recorder

    put it in imgburn, to erase it,(can't figure out how to do it in recorder)

    up at the top of the log, is that size 8.8 terabytes????

    the machine hasn't finalized it yet!

    but I've noticed the last disc I erased in the computer, wouldn't record in settop anymore, computer likes it fine


    HP DVD Writer 630c 8H26 (ATA)

    Current Profile: DVD-RW


    Disc Information:

    Status: Complete

    Erasable: Yes

    Sessions: 1

    Sectors: 4,294,960,097

    Size: 8,796,078,278,656 bytes

    Time: 954435:36:47 (MM:SS:FF)

    Supported Write Speeds: 2.4x


    TOC Information:

    Session 1...

    -> Track 01 (Mode 1, LBA: 0 - 4294960095)

    -> LeadOut (LBA: 4294960096)


    Pre-recorded Information:

    Manufacturer ID: RITEKW01


    Physical Format Information (Last Recorded):

    Book Type: DVD-RW

    Part Version: 2

    Disc Size: 120mm

    Maximum Read Rate: Not Specified

    Number of Layers: 1

    Track Path: Parallel Track Path (PTP)

    Linear Density: 0.267 um/bit

    Track Density: 0.74 um/track

    First Physical Sector of Data Area: 196,608

    Last Physical Sector of Data Area: 189,407

    Last Physical Sector in Layer 0: 0


    Current Format Capacity:

    Sectors: 0

    Size: 0 bytes

    Time: 00:02:00 (MM:SS:FF)


    Preferred Format Capacity:

    Sectors: 2,297,888

    Size: 4,706,074,624 bytes

    Time: 510:40:38 (MM:SS:FF)


    Maximum Format Capacity:

    Sectors: 2,305,697

    Size: 4,722,067,456 bytes

    Time: 512:24:47 (MM:SS:FF)

  7. We are having a party in your honor :beer::beer::beer:

    are you trying to say you just got here :beer::beer::beer:

    :icecream: have some icecream

    :sorcerer: put on a party hat

    :pizza: grab a slice of pizza




    :drunk: enjoy the party :drunk:

  8. never seen that 18" spec before, so much for my cure

    guess I can run both optics on the same ide line, only use them 1 at a time anyhow and I'm down to 1 pata hdd anyhow

    I was kinda curious if it was gonna work all waded up in that round tube anyhow, don't know if were talking about enough current to induce magnetic induction to another line that wouldn't normally be that close

  9. well its working still, had to many ide devices (hdd and opt) to just toss them

    main hdd is sata though

    new cable appox 16 to slave and then 20 to master, problem was distance between slave and master in this case


    bought a pci ide card to repair old machine with bad ide controller, you suggesting this would work better with the pci card in the new machine instead of the ide controller on the mobo


    tried a combo memory card reader, 3 1/2 floopy from rosewill, already rma'ing it back to newegg, neither half worked

  10. well chewy

    finally ran aquamark

    aquamark triscore gfx 14.310 cpu 11,367, total 87,812 (nothing to compare it to )

    tried it on girlfriends p4 2.4 gig machine, it self abborted, think the video on mobo

    did get a 36" round cable from newegg, just long enough to go from ide to optdrive(slave) and then back to bottom of case and catch harddrive

    have a real bottleneck of wires in bottom corner of case now

  11. looks like an old hard drive i took apart once

    probably wasn't a giga, but it was a 14 inch glass plate 3/8 inch thick

    I just had to see what made it tick

    took apart a 10 gig recently, 4 small floppys inside

    BUT the magnet really holds paper to the fridge!!!!!!!!!!!


    wheres the mechanical notches that hold it on the track???? like my first disassemble????

  12. i haven't had the chance to try yet

    they are still trying to get together with other camera

    but I have been promised an unfinalized disc even if they have to make one


    bought a new camera with a memory stick

    looking for tiny screwdriver for old one

    can't make it anyworse

  13. i haven't had the chance to try yet

    they are still trying to get together with other camera

    but I have been promised an unfinalized disc even if they have to make one


    bought a new camera with a memory stick

    looking for tiny screwdriver for old one

    can't make it anyworse

  14. dontasciime

    will try the ghost


    will need some longer wires to try that

    I'm currently running both hdd on the same line, both opt writers on the other

    my case has writers at top, and hdd's at bottom(5" at top- 3 1/2 bottom)

    I remember a thread somewhere , board side of cable to master, slave in middle and master to mobo

    the last longer cable I bought still had the same distance between the 2 unit ends

    I don't see a reason it won't work---anyone else?

  15. ok (dual core 2.6 gig, 2 gig ram)

    before installing drivers in proper order on sata drive

    ran LUK's older program and saved results to ide drive

    15 minutes

    after installing everything to sata , saved same to sata drive

    4 min 58 seconds

    I'm impressed with sata


    Ran same stuff on old p4, 2.4 gig 1/2 gig ram, cluttered machine (really needs clean install)

    5 min 24 secs


    I'm not impressed no more


    certainly some of this is read speed of dvd player

    but since old machine is really close, is this a standard speed range?

    I think I'd like to try some other speed test on both machines and find some bottle necks

  16. usually these troublemakers leave right away, tom9876543 seems to be sticking around


    I would njoy knowing how the program works, but giving me the source code, wouldn't increase my understanding


    hard code the frog song- did I miss a string of posts?

  17. That's a dandy shop, it's where I buy replacement reverse threaded lock washers when my HDD starts to leak.


    Are those metric or english washers?? here in the states we haven't really converted yet

    still useing something called a monkey wrench, one wrench fits almost everything, and does a good job as a hammer to

  18. xp pro sp2

    load m2n-e-sli chipset drivers first

    then video card drivers


    new sata drive coming soon, will wait, and start over

    anything else in specific order after imgburn


    and of course after its all finally loaded :drinks: restore point :drunk:

    in that order???

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