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  1. had web problems this morning, sent my research, and the web said it couldn't find imgburn



    The Irish are gonna fight irish forever

    the arabs will never get along either

    africans will war on their neighbors

    criminals are gonna make our lives miserable


    vegans will expect us to stop eating meat because they are right and we are wrong

    christians and muslum----------------

    christians and jews-----------


    and anti guns , and proguns, will never agree either

    neither of us is willing to give an inch because the other will never be happy with an inch



    Just remember the politicians making these laws are exempt from them

    VP Cheny

    Ted Kennedy

    least wise they are never prosecuted



    It would have been three but he couldn't catch him.


    And that is the point. Lives were lost, but a life was saved. "


    Your point being we need to be physically fitter then the bad guys?????????

  2. Anyone taking bets on how long it will be before the gun nuts jump into this thread and turn it into a complete and utter clusterfuck?


    us law abideing, gun owners are already here Shamus


    unfortunatly, my web search of innocents shot by drunk "DETROIT city" police officers yeilded nothing--- the web has either been cleaned up to make DETROIT look beter or I'm just a lousy searcher.


    Military---hmmm--governor george wallace (alabama?) sent the national gaurd to prevent racial integration of the state college, they fired on the students


    more military?

    how about the "shot heard round the world" well thats what U.S. history books call british troops firing on british subjects in the colonys


    some people play golf, I shot holes in paper, its cheaper too


    the framers of the U.S. constitution just overthrew a tyranical government when

    they gave the people the right to keep and bear arms in case it needed to be done again

    what ? we are gonna ask the U.N. for troops to throw out a government they like?


    I think the arabic people would like the UN to leave also

  3. hillary has already had her 2 terms in office, billy wasn't running the show, he was to busy pursuing other matters, like the kennedy boys

    lets face it, they are all self serving, make the rich richer bastards

  4. that is impossible

    guns are illegal

    all the lagal guns have been rounded up already, haven't they?

    well when they catch the guy, I hope thet don't have a bunch of bleeding hearts handling the case, like they do in the states, or he could wind up with a masters degree

  5. new cell phone will let me load music, and use it for a ringer, useing a usb cable

    it acepts mp3,mp4,,and a couple others

    being a musically inclined dummy, what shall I use to convert my cd's to the smaller mp3, mp4, sort of format, or are the damn things all copy protected?

  6. I've gotten old enough, Idon't list my bday

    its like a tree falling in the forest, if nobody notices, you don't get older

    or something like that


    but I'll admit, my motorcycle is older then Jason

  7. nice looking project

    your wife lets you keep a computer in the bedroom?

    my ex would never allow that, would interfere with her piles of love books(where is rollonfloor when I want him)

  8. I thought that stuff only showed up in my inbox after visiting adult sites.

    Do they sit around typing in random site names all day?


    "they took one squirrel and circumcised him, and they haven't seen asquirrel on their property since."

    keeps me away too, god didn't give me enough to shorten, just enough toget rid of used BEER and keep my pants dry

  9. weather was lousy this weekend so I slapped the computer around some more

    with zip hooked was able to load xp onto a harddrive, TAA DAH DUH

    removed zip drive, installed original boot drive as slave, xp launched chkdsk, fixed errors, recovered a couple files to dvd's, then it started slowing down, down, d o w n, and even though I could here the hdd and dvd burner doing some occasional movement it quite. Guess I shall not bother with the bastird anymore. I"m going to stick with my theory of mobo problems, and chance putting the hdd's in a new macine if and when I ever have spare money again.


    Thanks for everybodys help

    you can send cash contributions to the cathater foundation for new computer :rtf:

  10. well I've only read about the one

    didn't see any chain gangs when I was in florida- god awful hot and humid hell in august

    wouldn't want to live there except in the winter- wait a minute- isn't that hurricane season?

  11. FLASH news

    tried installing old zipdrive on primary ide

    now it sees a 160 gig drive and the zipdrive

    still won't boot off the hdd, and the restore disc in the zip won't restore bcause that isn't the same unit restore disk was made on.

    Still looking into new machine,


    Can I make a bootable xp cd here???


    Maybe if I get some pot from the kid nextdoor, shove it in the power supply things will start working

  12. one huge piece of respect for you penal system and that is the work gangs ! Here our prisoners do f'all to improve the society they have damaged and instead get 3 meals a day, heated accomodation and better facilities than a lot of people who actually work for a living.


    sorry to dissapoint you, thats just one sheriff down south somewhere, pink uniform, and tents in the desert, heard he doesn't get many repeat customers either. Here in michigan, we have a bleeding heart judge in Lansing, that makes sure they have airconditioning and color cable tv. No cruel and unusual punishment here. (maybe his ma's locked up??)

  13. here in England for example our jails are overcrowded and criminals are let off from serving sentences cos we don't have the space to house them. Perhaps if we killed more of our criminals (and the odd member of Joe Public) we wouldn't have this concern ?




    Lets overcrowd them, 3 to a bed, work them in 3 8 hr shifts, only one shift to a bed. No reason the have to have more room then a sailor on a ship. Damn their cival rights. The more the crowded the jails, the less on the street!!


    QUOTE(cathater @ May 21 2007, 12:00 PM)

    Buy the way, hows the pointy knife ban doing in England????

    Oh you know, it's about as effective as allowing citizens to bear arms to keep the number of violent deaths down....

    OK 1 point for you,

    but I only shot him in the foot to stop him, in the knee to get his attention, in the groin to castrate him rotfl, 6 shots to the torso to dispatch him mercifully. Notice I still have 11 rnds left in my magizine in case he brought a budy.

    Police here show up after the criminal leaves your house, but read our papers for how fast they case solve crimes against them or a politition.

  14. 3 eyes on each foot??

    post pics fella, got to see this


    $325 a month for insurance, gee, boss claims my off brand insurance $700, and it's got 50% deductable om almost everthing. Generic drugs? my cardioligist wants me on lipitor nothing available gneric. Insurance (express scricpts_giving me hard time about it, and druggist wants $360 for 30 days. Not taking it anymore!

  15. The framers of our constitution, meant it for the people to prevent an oppresive government. "king of England" "democrats" They wrote it immediatly following the revolution, they meant the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms.


    A couple of legally armed citizens could have taken the virginia tech lunatic out right away. But legally armed citizens aren't allowed to take guns to school.


    Guns don't kill people, criminals kill people.


    Buy the way, hows the pointy knife ban doing in England???? :whistling:

  16. Whoa

    maybe kirk can use a tape, what would scare an old lady, guys


    wheres a good US site to buy a mobo and all the accesseries,

    I'll probably need help in the future with this

    any brands to avoid?

  17. drive under warrenty, only if you still have the receipt of malied in the card. something I never do


    another thread mention dell still selling machines with xp




    put a gray and a calico in the tall tower case, closed the lid, still making growling noise, will report who won when it starts purring

  18. My treadmill has a clip for me and a removable plug on the mill Will have to see how long it takes to stop when pulled. And I only use it to make sure I don't get my hand under the moving belt when I fall.

    Silly me , thought I was in boot camp and tried to run backwards. I'm not 20 anymore and my nimbleness has decreased a little :rolleyes: bit

  19. throw a computer at a cat. ?

    how cruel and unusual treatment.







    Try putting feline inside the case, plug it in, throw it in pool!!!!!!!

  20. ok

    tried another install, harddisk clickng away during first 10%(format?) then just whirring for next 50% of1st disk which is when I aborted the process

    rebooted, f2 during reboot gets you to bios setup today,look theres a 160 gig hardisk on my ide line, all the other setting area as good as I remember them, esc and save settings. Continue boot - "boot drive filure"

    Reboot, f2, no hardrives again


    thats as much info as I can provide guys, shall I just put it on the curb for the trash guys???????

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