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  1. wasn't a terrible boot, but not faster then old computer, still had time to get to fridge, open beer and return

    yellow ! marks

    how about yellow ? marks

    other devices

    other pci bridge device

    pci mem controller

    sm bus controller

    - - what other pci devices???? only installed evga 7600gt all other pci slots still empty

    (quick question, how many games you got that need 2 video cards, to keep up with graphics?)


    drivers for mobo, not yet, and forgot to check rev while I was out there

    didn't even check for newer rev on asus disk

    intel chipset? will have to check that asus m2n e sli


    wmp would not play dvd- no dvd decoder installed installed powerdvd 4.0 (it was here)

    power dvd doesn't work but wmp does now

  2. Well now that the new comp is up and mostly loaded

    does a dual core actually run faster then a single at the same speed, or is that a function of the program written to take advantage of it??

    let me think udma 133, fsb 1000, vs sata 2.0--- well I see an improvement there mathmetically, but is the sata gonna slow down because of the bus speed.???

    I rely on my friends knowledge to break this down to simple english for me, not to much techno speak please


    Not real impressed with boot speed, considering new xp pro isn't loaded with sys manufacturer addons, seems slower then old sony. Have only installed drivers for video card, haven't even had a chance to do a dvd yet.


    Somebody point me towards a speedtest prog, will test the thing with ide hdd, and after sata hdd is installed soon

    Will try both ways with dvds also

    Hmmm- better take a dvd to it- and see if it likes them


    keep forgeting to get a small chessboard blue, not spending much time in toy department lately

  3. isobuster displayed directory of files

    assume run and extract is correct command but it won't till you pay

    hrrump! could be a good choice for the disk with the peeled tinfoil though(when we find it again)

    we have located another sony cd camera, will not be trying close on imgburn

    didn't even try to open with imgburn, went straight back into camera

  4. Well I've never had any trouble using imgburn, default settings, on dvd's

    but I thought I'd ask before I screw up the girlfriends cd

    sony cd camera turned itself of last night, and won't turn on anymore

    disk is always unreadable in computer till camera finalizes it


    I'm not sure what finalize even covers but do you think we can do something with imgburn?

    or start searching for another sony cd camera to finalize for us????


    thanks guys

  5. I'm certain you can google dvd2avi and get something(free, shareware)


    then its off to a video editor to add sound


    now that I think of it, I believe pinnacle studio11 will import a dvd file, off the dvd, but you'll need to go to their site for help with that, I've never done it

  6. speaking of questions and new info

    apparently you can get a pci ide card, to replace malfuntioning mobo ide, that source of info wanted to turn off mobo ide, but as yet has failed to suggest how


    now that I've replaced the computer, is this a viable solution, put the old unit back together and get the granddaughters educational software (K and 2nd grade)

    wasn't shamus having ide problems about a month ago?

  7. I'll try not to go overboard

    I usualy need help with any subject matter I find anyhow, as it usually just causes more questions


    :beer::beer: you guys make it to my corner of michigan-- stop buy for a beer or 6 :drunk:

  8. will also have to spend more time at nlite site


    I like the idea of unattended install- will have to figure it out as I know another install is always down the road

  9. sorry chewy, so far only diplays and plays with displayed partitions, I can live without the other 60 gig. Could be a good excuse for a sata drive.


    Will be a good reason to avoid symantec products in the future.

    They won't answer (they do repond) if your registration is not on their files, and all my old symantic stuff won't run within so many days if you don't go online. Only thing I want to get running again is their defragmentor, have enver been able to defrag with ms version, keeps restarting


    off to symantec to try somemore

  10. nothing inactive at disc managment

    sp2 won't install, something about the the activation code that worked when I installed sp1---grrrrr

    guess I shouldn't have tried useing stuff from sony

    ordered xp oem sp2 from newegg only $139- a bargain at 1/2 that price


    What about fdisk- that still hiding around somewhere?

    didn't that remove all partitions, inactive or not?????

  11. will have to try these suggestions, when I get a chance to work computer again.

    Will also try to get sp2

    will let you know how it works,--- probablylate next week

  12. while hdd (160 gig) was in old machine, I installed partition magic. Set it up for dual boot.

    Now its in new machine, installed xp pro, couldn't find the whoe disk. attempted install of partition magic again so I could retrive data or whatever. error 109 partition bigger then hdd see 107, 107 may have been formatted in another machine.

    guess i need to know how to do a format and restore 160 gig disk

    xp install just seems to want to clear displayed 100 gig


    Parts here! :thumbup:

    Mobo in case, power supply in, video in, most of the wires hooked up,- hot and sweety in garage tonight, BREAK TIMe



    need to get to other house, hdd, opt, floppie, monitor :whistling:


    3rd question mobo labeled spk, gnd, gnd, 5v - case speaker(piezo buzzer?) jack -wire blank blnk wire

    well it does looker like a piez buzzer to me , if it was a speaker I would think speaker and grnd on mobo- what do you think?


    all the goodies should be here any day :thumbup:


    first dumb question

    2.2 v ram, 1.35v cpu and 3v and 5 volt lines on the power supply, :frustrated:

    am I gonna find 35 jumpers on the motherboard and no instruction pamplet?


    second question

    has bill gates fixed vista enough yet, so it works with my editing software like xp does


    256mb direct9 , ati radion9600, nvidia geforce6 or better

    I know my agp card wasn't that good and it ran on a p4


    well the cheap, miserable person inside of me ordered the case and power supply today.

    will recover from wallet shock and buy the rest payday


    guess I better get to pinnacle studio to see what it requires for vid card as my agp card wont work here


    Dynatron > Item#:N82E16835114044 new idle temp of 105F vs. 116F with stock fan. Sustained torture CPU temp max of 136 to 141F compared to stock AMD cooler max at 153F


    I may have been wro, wro, wrn, I may have been less then fully correct, I only remembered it as C

    Still for $30 it not a bunch better then stock

  13. An episode of Dr Who just ended and I got caught watching it, by a couple women who thinks its stupid. I find it hard to follow when I only catch 2 or 3 episodes a year.

    But we all were wondering how long he's been on.

    I certainly , at least I think it was an older fella , when I used to watch regularly, but I also remember being a childless man. So that would be 29 years ago

    Just how long have we been watching reruns here in the states?

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