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    If I had another $600 I'd probably go on a motorcycle vacation and worry about computing some other time. I've always got sweeties computer, although it goes somewhere in computer dreams sometimes. Taskmanager says system 98% idle, 2% taskmanager, and half my keystrokes nevermake it to the monitor.(it's not my spelling) I think she could use a clean install of everything, her kid says no.


    Was looking at am2 fans, and reading the reviews, nobody sounded like they were doing a really good job. Let me see, 70c* 9/5+32= 158F (I understand F and that seems quite toasty, don't remember my p4 ever breaking 100F. )Should I continue saving money, and go some other way or does everybody run this toasty?


    they have 2 2.6 windsor, both 129$

    L2 cache

    2 1mb or 2 512kb, bigger is better or just more heat?


    decisions , decisions ,

    thanks for the help Chewy


    I looked at power supplys Chewy, interesting one has a 28 amp 12v, and the other has 2 12v at 18 amp.

    Now if I can find the mobo voltage in diagram I can figure out what I need? Or is this a sorted thing, 12v to mb, seperate 12v line to drives, and the other unit shares. Have not played this deep in computer before.


    Oh I was kinda hoping for <$600, and reuseing all my ide stuff till it dies. Don't think theres anything else from my sony p4 I can borrow. So far I'm up to $400 (just 2 gig mem)

    Was tinking a raidmax 612wb case with 500 watt power supply another $100 (4 fans, my sony always ran hot while rendering video, and thats when it died)


    Jeepers, I don't think my sony xp runs on anything but that sony


    have finnally saved a little money and am designing my buggered systems replacement.


    Was gonna do amd athalon x2 6000 instead of storebought intel system this time


    pci express ?(make sugestion) video card (I'm not a gamer don't need anything fantastic here, just video editing)


    ? audio card ( wish to edit video in 5 channel)(newegg doesn't describe all audio jacks on asus m2n mobo)


    motherboard---asus m2n e sli (handles 4 ide devices- to use my old toys-, and a 1394 jack I need)


    I understand sli shares 2 video cards to accelarate video rendering, I don't need that

    does it works with 1 card???

    does it take part of 1st screen onto second card and 2nd monitor full screen or is that something I've read about elsewhere and different



    a little help for the chess board dummies

    Qd3- means queen, something, 3 squares?????? right?

    NxP- knight takes pawn???


    me and my granddaughter (6yrs) can make legal moves, but no chessboard notations

  1. Local news just showed footage, heavy rains flooding England.

    This a rare occurance? or yearly.?

    We have some unemployed FEMA directors over here (democratic and republican)

    We've got your old soccer player (Beckham) least we can do is send a disaster pro.

    Just remember to rebuild somewhere other then a flood plain. Unlike New Orleans rebuilding in the same spot.


    I hope this isn't affecting any of our friends at this site.

  2. I can't speak for kirk, but SUSAN finally won the war, and I moved.

    New person wouldn't take the manure from her. So she started into the other neighbors.

    I hear nobody speaks to her nowadays.

    Nice husband though.

    Reminds me of BBC tv show. Hyacinth Bucket , "keeping up appearances" I think

  3. in royal oak, michigan - some dumb broad- shooting off illegal fireworks (3" mortar) put her face over the barrel when it failed to fire------- it fired- she's been removed from the dna pool- doesn't mention a blood alchohal level



    somebody on the news mentioned banning them, that after telling us it was an illegal firework

    need to remove them from dna pool also

  4. in michigan, if it moves or makes noise its illegal. (sparklers are a hand held device, hands move)

    however they never seem to arrest the venders selling it (in the stores, on street corners,,)

    last time we got cought, I don't think they bought the teenagers driving down the street story. Confiscated the pile.

    Next day the cops kid was firing them off down the street with his buddys and thanking us for the stuff.

    I wont mention where in michigan. The blue brotherhood might find me

  5. Well keep us informed of the solution,

    I have similar ide prob, working now but goes to crawl or death after 1/2 hour


    moving between houses now and can't find computer box to order replacement mobo, no funds to upgrade at this time,

    moving from my home to her home,

    renting house (bad sales time in michigan) to my kids for less then my payment, will probably buy my brothers place, house not fantastic, but pole barn 34x64, insulated - heated, great place for wood working, and blacksmithing


    will be needing some help making a dresser kirk

  6. not backup? who me? :innocent::innocent:


    so!!! how long does it take to restore??


    did that once with a tape drive (pent 1, 300 mhz) took all night and half the day, and then didn't work

  7. yes but didn't someone try to introduce a bill to allow foreignors to (Ahnold) to get elected.

    I'd vote for anyone that admits being a complete bastard, at least he admits it.

    Lets see that would also increase our foreign aid to Australia

  8. michigan doesn't havecapitol punishment either, darn.

    I not only believe in capitol punishment, I think some of them should die te same kind of sadistic horrible tortorous mutilation deaths they inflicted. Some of them just don't deserve a quick death.

    Maybe a beheading like they do in arabic countrys, by the relatives.

  9. suicide watch?

    are we going to have a lenghty trial, appeals, years on death row, that he's afraid of.

    You know DR. Death ( Jack kevorkian) is out of prison now, maybe the guy needs a physical

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