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  1. It's been asked many times before and has been shot down each time. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this function to be included.
  2. Any chance of you pulling the drive out of the USB enclosure and and plugging it straight into the motherboard via the IDE/SATA cable type thingy? We see alot of problems here relating to external enclosures and the crappy chipsets that run them.
  3. Well, it ain't ImgBurn. I also run a quadcore 6600 and load time (including scanning for optical drives) is about 3 seconds. Unless your drive is heavily fragmented or you've got a hijacker onboard, I can't think of any reason why it would take so long to load.
  4. ImgBurn isn't that complicated. It never was, nor will it ever be, a tool for newbies. If you want a pretty interface while being treated like an idiot, use Nero. If you want to learn and to also have absolute control over what you do, use this. Pretty simple, really.
  5. Just another dipshit who knows nothing about how their computer and its software actually works. This is another reason why abortion law should be expanded to include those in the 300th trimester.
  6. Also, ImgBurn can't read copy protected media. Period. You've been scammed.
  7. A good place to start would be to make sure that you're using an 80 wire IDE ribbon cable and not a 40 wire.
  8. And you'd be a dipshit. Maintaining a network is a huge job. Ignorant twats like you are a good example of why company networks go down - that being the installation of unauthorised software - regardless of how harmless you think that act might be. Come back when you know what you're talking about.
  9. Might be an idea to put this in the FAQ or at least make it a sticky.
  10. Try here: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...+number+secrets
  11. Check that you're using an 80-wire IDE ribbon cable and not a 40-wire. Also check the FAQ here for DMA problems.
  12. Get a PS3 and the free Java server software "PS3 Media Server". If you've got a quadcore cpu and a gigabit network, you'll get smooth video and crisp audio (with full DTS) playback even at 1080p. Works great here.
  13. You can't go wrong with Verbatim +/-R. It's basically all we use here. That and Taiyo Yuden -R and Verbatim +R/DL. Everything else is crap.
  14. Also, do yourself a favour and toss your blanks into the bin and buy some quality media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. These are garbage. They're not the cause of your problem but they certainly won't help you when you go to use them at a later date.
  15. A couple of things stand out that may need your attention. Service pack 2? You might want to update this. Your media (your blank disks) are garbage. ProDisc are about as bad as they get. Investing in quality media such as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden would go a long way in solving your problem.
  16. I'm glad it's helped. Don't forget to update Java.
  17. Tell me, what's it like being able to go through life completely oblivious to the outside world? Is it a gift or just a mild form of stupidity? How many people do you know that store 4000 encrypted files on their harddisk? Idiot.
  18. Hmm... sounds like the drive might be in an external enclosure. I could be wrong but it sure seems like it.
  19. Look. Get yourself comfortable and read the following text twice. If you use crap media, you'll get a crap result. Almost all of the problems we see here are the result of people using garbage media - yours included. It's rubbish. Buy good media. It's the only cure. You can't make strawberry jam out of pigshit, regardless of how hard you try.
  20. And you'd be wrong. ImgBurn has nothing to do with speed selection if it isn't supported by the media. If you post a logfile, we can show you why. Help Menu > ImgBurn Log
  21. Lodge a dispute with PayPal or Citibank and get your money back. We're well aware of this parasite. You aren't the first to be caught and almost certainly won't be the last.
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