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  1. Real verbatim bd-re with a matching mid? Is that the blue/silver ones? Sorry for going OT bit been looking for years since they stopped making them and selling that crap gang fake red/silver packaged ones.
  2. That's a standard logo, those discs are single use. Rewritables are clearly marked DVD+RW
  3. You can't erase single use recordables. You need rewritables for that aka DVD+RW. So which is it. Are you using DVD+r or +RW. Your message isn't clear. Other that that your dive may not like that cheap Philips crap
  4. Yes you can. Guess what happens when you untick both those boxes. Yay, you just opted out.
  5. I've been looking for over a year now for a shop that will has the good ones blue/silver packing instead of red/blue. No luck as of yet. Those red/blue ones are horrible, he'll the platinum bdre brand is better than rise cmc's
  6. It's gray yes, click the circle anyway. Surprise,... You're now in custom mode where you can disable that snap do.
  7. Oh please, ya don't need imgburn to open it or vcd to mount it. Firmwares are usually a special type of bin files. Check the instructions on the cameras manufacturers site. All u usually need to do is put the bin file on the root of the memory card and flash it from inside the the camera
  8. Actually every disc normally is HTL, is the LTH type that is 'off'. They have stopped producing those due to lack of drive/player support. Last I can remember is that the old LG ggw-h20L could burn those but that drive is probably 6+ years old now. LTH discs are simply impossible to find, and were crappy to begin with
  9. 2580 is the latest, there is no newer version. It first matter what brand the DVD+RW is, it's just that not all rw's come preformatted. Is nothing unusual, and especially not for dvd-r single use discs. They simply cannot be formatted. As far as later version advise is, will there is no advise as there is no later version, I don't know where you read that but there info is false.
  10. Those are definitely not genuine verbatim DVD+r DL. The mid would start with MKM not cmc mag.
  11. If you were able to burn a few months ago and you did not get a new drive then something is wrong in the software level of your system. A drive doesn't suddenly lose its burning capability. Even if the drive went defective, it would still display to windows and IMGBurn as a burner. The easiest way to see is to access the windows device manager and check the optical drives section.
  12. What is the brand and model of the optical drive in your system? The most obvious reason why IMGBurn would show that message is that your optical drive installed is a reader drive only and not a burner.
  13. You're about a month too early.
  14. The process is simple. Try to burn data on the disc, imgburn will it as unformatted and will automatically format it first. All done. To do a manual erase: Insert disc in drive > open imgburn > tools > drive > erase disc > full or quick.
  15. Why use that crappy daemon tools anyway, all it does is clutter up your system. Just grab "virtual clone drive" from the slysoft site. May not support that many formats but it doesn't install crappy filters like that or similar.
  16. You got any proof to those claims. I've got a rather complete collection dating right back to the first season in the 60s. I'd love to complete it.
  17. Theres no issue with the drive. Mine can't either, probably something to so with the new type of chipset it uses. Nowadays pretty much every standalone supports DVD+r so booktype doesn't really matter anymore unless your dvdplayer is 10 years+ old
  18. If the sptd filter is present on w7 then it can affect the virtual XP. As XP will access the drives through w7. So yes, you're fooling yourself. Use imgburns "load driver filter order" and get rid of it in the filter stack. It serves absolutely no purpose but slowing drives down. There's a reason imgburn warns about it in the log window.
  19. Afaik it doesn't at all. Doesn't it use the sale chipset as my bh16? That one doesn't set it either. Not even for a simple DVD+R (single layer) the booktype is set to DVD+R.
  20. There is no difference in burning a 2d and 3d movie. As far as imgburn is concerned it's all just data. The only catch toast 3d blurau is that it must be in an ISO form or you'll have likely ripped it wrong. Unless ofcourse its a converted file like an mkv
  21. dude, ur a freakin genius. The second i swapped from SPTI to elbyCDIO. MID is now displayed on both drives so probably needed have swapped that drive out but hey it was getting old anyway that bh08 looks like it's microsoft fucking up. SPTI i believe is program default. Never changed that
  22. flashing 1.01 has no effect. I've included both imgb debug log & ODC log's with new firmware just in case bh16ns40-fw1.01.rar
  23. i see one in the 0070 line, but you're the expert i'll post back later although the firmware only lists "disc readability improvements" but hey, can't hurt to use the latest fw
  24. as requested file 1 is from the bh16, file 2 is from the bh10 i can only see 1 minor thing different and that's in the speed descripters file 1 lists 4-6-8-10-12, file 2 lists 2-4-6-8-10 but hold of on that for now. Although firmwarehq (through imgb) sais there is no new firmware available (drive was using 1.00-A2 i did find a newer one on the lg.com/nl. Version 1.01-A1 and just flashed it. Maybe that'll fix it. I'll let ya know later today. discinfo.rar discinfo2.rar
  25. I don't have either but i can get em. Which one's the easiest to do.
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