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  1. I'm a bit p*ssed off by what you've said. Telling you that crap media can cause the problem is being helpful. Most of the people that come here for help listen to what is being said and most of the time the problem is resolved by the regulars here. Why is it that there are always a few people who come here for help and then they dismiss the answers without trying them? To those people I say; IF YOU KNOW SO MUCH WHY DID YOU COME HERE TO GET YOUR PROBLEM FIXED? WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF??? The regulars here aren't just pulling answers out of their They've been doing this long enough to be able to help MANY people. Please remember that no one here has any obligation to help anybody. They are doing it because they genuinely want to help. None of them get anything back except the satisfaction of being able to help somebody solve thier problem. You want a HELPFUL thought so here it is; If you can work with being able to accept the answers, and try them, then great. All of us here are willing to help you. If you just want to complain that you didn't get the answer that you expected to get, then please go away. That will leave more time for the people that really want, and appreciate the help they are getting.
  2. No volvo. Going on a drinking binge doesn't cause you to see foxes. It causes you to see
  3. I could be wrong but the reason might be because the layer break on a -DL disc is not changeable. Because of that you cannot set where you want the layer break to be. If I'm correct, the way around the problem is to use +DL discs. Btw...All -DL discs, including Verbatim, are crap!
  4. I'm sorry but I've said too much already. If I tell you any more I'd have to
  5. Then obviously, you don't know about "THE MENU".
  6. Another small part of my past is gone. I really enjoyed their music. Rest in piece Dennis.
  7. Thanks for the information zacoz. From what I've read about it, it was free through version 6.x or somewhere around there. I've used several tweaking programs such as Tweak UI but what I'm hoping to find is one program that will do all of the tweaks I want. I think it will be easier to keep track of them. It will eliminate accidentally trying to make a tweak more than once which can sometimes cause problems when/if you want to remove the tweak.
  8. Movie Junkie

    X-Setup Pro

    I am considering purchasing X-Setup Pro version 8.1 for my WinXP Professional machine that I built two years ago. It's a 3.4GH processor with 2 GB of RAM. I have used several tweaking programs in the past as well as simply editing the registry directly to achieve what I want but this seems to be a very comprehensive package, and at a decent price. Has anyone here used this program? If you have please tell me your opinion of it. Did you have problems? If so what were they. I already know that you can totally hose your system if you're not careful so I'm not too worried about that. I am interested, however, if the program has shortcomings that might cause problems along with anything else that you have observed.
  9. I wasn't talking about the suite. They have a free stand-alone firewall. With very few exceptions I don't use "suites" I prefer individual programs.
  10. There are a number of good "free" firewalls available. ZoneAlarm has one. I have used their Pro version (not free) for a number of years and have never had a problem.
  11. ImgBurn is a burning program. It does not do conversions of any type.
  12. stickbuilt; After reading everything here I have to agree. Get rid of the drive! There are a number of good drives that you won't have a problem with. I personally am using Plextor 760A drives and I've not had any problems. Btw...stay with Verbatim discs. Good luck.
  13. You're welcome. I'm glad I could help.
  14. "I Smelled Somethin' Cookin' and I Looked to See""That's When I Found Out They Was A Cookin' Me" From the Song "Stranded in the Jungle by the Cadets.
  15. wait untill you're grilled gefore you confess everything What's on the menu? Grilled db. Can you get a side order of Corny with that?
  16. Its me Hey Kirk, welcome back. Thanks MJ, good to be back But looks like I'm the only one with a set of balls here big enough to elf themself
  17. I remember reading that XP has a problem with more that 2 GB of RAM is installed. I have 2 GB so I can't verify it to be true.
  18. Thanks kev. I'm glad to be back. Maybe the threats will stop now.
  19. Oh well that eliminates them. Thanks for looking that up polo.
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