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  1. See that. I'm back for five minutes and I'm being picked on already.
  2. Have you considered "Need For Speed"? I did but decided against it on the following review/rating: http://uk.gamespot.com/search.html?type=11...amp;x=0&y=0 Who am I kidding..... I'm getting these games for myself! I should have given the full name of the game. It is "Need For Speed Most Wanted". This is what that site said about it; "Game: Need for Speed Most Wanted (PS2) Release Date: Nov 25, 2005 Need for Speed Most Wanted is a great racing game that injects new life into the series thanks to its creative use of law enforcement."
  3. I'm glad I've never done anything like that. OK, OK Now let the attacks begin
  4. I'm glad I've never done anything like that. OK, OK Now let the attacks begin
  5. NewEgg seem to have the best price on the 20 piece spindle but I'm not sure they ship to Canada.
  6. Its me Hey Kirk, welcome back.
  7. For what it's worth I burn DL discs at 2.4x (Verbatim) and I've never had a problem . I was using Sony DRU710A drives until a few months ago when I purchased two Plextor 760A drives. Since there are other things I can do while the disc is being written to the additional time it takes is of no consequence to me. I know I'll get a good burn and that's all that matters. That said, I must add that on two occasions I have burned 2 DL discs at 4x and have not noticed any problems with them.
  8. LUK, congratulations on the first birthday of your "new baby". May she, to quote Mr. Spock, "Live long and prosper."
  9. In my opinion, he did, you gotta remember this was no actor (like Paul Hogan) he was the real deal. He really put Australian tourism on the international market, not to mention his generosity with the money he made to many worth while projects and charities. Like I mentioned before, I didn't agree with some of the things he did (mainly for his own safety) and setting an example for dickheads that would go out and try it, but I suppose when you're in front of a camera the fuckers do want you to do stupid things. Again in my opinion, he went beyond his field of expertise, he could read the body language of a croc like a book, he was also very good with snakes, but I somehow don't think under water stuff was his bag, a valuable lesson for all, stick with what you know best, in this very unfortunate case it cost Steve his life. I agree with everything you've said. (You saved me alot of typing Ken... )
  10. I have version 4. I sometimes use it to edit PDF files downloaded from the 'net. The problem is that some of the newer PDF files will not open with my version. I know I could just replace Acrobat Reader to solve that problem but I still would not be able to edit the files.
  11. Thanks linx, I'll check them out.
  12. I have a early version of Acrobat (full version) but I don't want to spend the big bucks to buy the new version. I know there are some shareware and freeware programs that will do the same things that Acrobat will do and I was hoping that some of the members here have used some of them. If I get a consensus as to what is good and what is not it will save me from installing and uninstalling programs that don't work as I would like them to.
  13. What PDF reader / editor do you use (other than Adobe)? I'd like some suggestions. I'd also like to know if you have found any shortcomings in it.
  14. It's turning out to be a great day. 71 degrees, almost no wind and sunny. This thread has sort of a "folksy" ring to it. Kind of nice...no disputes, flames etc. We should try to keep it up.
  15. Good morning Kev. It's 8:12 AM here and the rain has finally stopped. It was raining from Friday afternoon through at least 1:00 AM this morning. I guess I'll go over to the car wash.
  16. Insane is the word that best sums it up.
  17. Of course it would be complimentary Blu. When have you known me to be anything other than complimentary?
  18. Then let us know how you made out. AHHH blu...great minds and all that... Do you mind if I finish that sentance for you Spinner?
  19. You're correct in your assumption LUK. It wouldn't have been put up otherwise.
  20. C'mon, I find it hard to believe you're really that sensitive. And I find it VERY hard to believe that you're really that dense. You seem to have the attitude that you're always right and everyone who disagrees with you is always wrong. You need to take a few steps back and take a good look at yourself. Here is something for you to ponder. Why is it that with the exception of you and one or two others everybody here gets along with each other, no matter if we agree or disagree? Don't ponder too long because I'll answer it for you. It's because most of the people here are not so into themselves that they cannot see the other points of view. In your mind it's all about you! Case in point, about a week or two ago you asked me to PM you to tell you where I got a smilie that I had posted. It was as if you wanted me to tell you but not tell anyone else. If you remember I did reply to your post (not via PM) with the information but since you didn't respond I took it as if you were saying that you were no longer interested because I told everyone here where I got it. THIS FORUM IS NOT ABOUT YOU! AND THE SOONER YOU LEARN THAT, THE BETTER OFF ALL OF US WILL BE! ONE OTHER THING...LAY OFF OF THE NAME CALLING. DON'T GET ME STARTED BECAUSE YOU WOULDN'T LIKE IT VERY MUCH!
  21. Before you start name calling anybody or any nationality think twice, I happen to be part Australian and take offense to what you have just said, I as well as many others on this forum think you are an arrogant little c**t that needs to keep his mouth shut and his nose out of other peoples business, it's not your program if you don't like it then fuck off and leave us all alone. One more small point Mr Defecation was it not you that insulted blu ? So who wins the argument now ? Did you not throw the first insult ? EDIT: I did edit part of this for other peoples sake Don't hold back Jill. Tell us how you really feel.
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