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  1. cynthia, I didn't need to buy undisker full. Can you say "torrent"?


    We don't really condone stealing others property here :pirate: , so that is not an option on the board.



    does spinningwheel have anything better to do?


    Not at this time, we're getting quite a lot of rain here in the Buckeye state and I can't get the boat :boat: home to prep it for the season; so I guess I'll just keep on commenting on your silly assed :horse: posting.....


    why does lightninguk keep trying to find excuses NOT to put this handy option into his super-duper software?


    Maybe because it's his :king: software and he doesn't need to?



    Hmmmm... I knew it.


    Nope, I don't think you do :whatever: .

  2. 1. Use your cd/dvd burner and make sure that the firmware is the latest for your model.


    2. Nope, slow speed does not necessarily mean a good burn. Burning good discs is a result of firmware/media/burner cooperation.


    3. Most burning software can burn a cd correctly, however not many, if any, offer the support that you can get from ImgBurn.


    4. Always verify your burn to make sure that the data you have on your source is what you get on the final product.


    5. Start with your newest unit.


    6. Longest media life is determined by the quality of the disc manufacturer that you choose. I prefer Taiyo Yuden cd's myself.



  3. ImgBurn is a burning program, not a ripping tool. In order to get a usable file you will have to search for what you want to do on Google as we do not discuss or support intellectual property copying here.

  4. Annoying though!


    Not really, my old BenQ never quite filled in the device buffer and it ran from 40% to 98% all of the time with no bad burns associated with it. The device buffer simply does not I/O as fast as the data buffer that sends data to it and the device writes to the disc. It's just the way things operate. :thumbup:



  5. We don't offer advice here on how to make copies of copy protected data. ImgBurn is a burning program period. Once you have figured out how (Google) to make a copy, simply follow the burning FAQ's and Guides found on this website.

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