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  1. That protects your property if it ever gets used without your permission and allows you a strong positive attack in court if it comes to that.  It's not a copyright, it's proof that the development work and final project was yours.  I don't know what you have to go through in South Africa to get a copyright.  Maybe there is a S.A. website you can check.

  2. The easiest way to protect your individual rights without spending a huge sum for a copyright is to print out all of your coding, pictures, web pages and seal it in an envelope.  Place the sealed envelope into another that is addressed to you and use the postal service to deliver it to yourself, it will then have a cancellation date on the postage stamp.  Put the envelope away, unopened, and repeat the process every time you update or make a major change to your property.  The envelopes must remain unopened and should have a cancellation date that is before you post your product or website online.  That way, if someone accuses you of infringement or there is any other attempt to hijack your property you have protected yourself in court.  I know that a lot of writers use this method and can't see why it wouldn't work.

  3. But will ImgBurn ever be able to read files from a disc with out creating an image? it would be similar to build mode on disc and would be pretty good for extracting ISO by mounting them..


    Wouldn't that sorta come under the heading of ripping...one which I have explained to you before? :frustrated:

  4. Just for the record Adrian;


    We do not discuss ripping/how to rip/what to rip or any programs that may have been created at one time or another to rip anything in any posts on this forum.  Doing so, after being advised against such a discussion, may entitle the one determined to discuss such matters to the not so enjoyable position of 'persona non grata'  around these parts...SO, let sleeping dogs lie and STFU about it.



  5. Hi Topaz and thanks for the donation. I do not know how the system is set up internally as far as donations are concerned, but I can assure you that the Boss appreciates any and all donations made. :shakehands:


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