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  1. Well, with the slim amount of information that you have supplied here, I consulted my crystal ball and came up with the following opinion:


    The problem, as far as I can tell, is that your slimline drive doesn't like your choice of media since it doesn't even know that the disc is in the drive, if you put the disc in the drive to start with. :/


    (Hint) We generally would like a description of what you've tried to do for yourself. Maybe know if you bothered to read the FAQS and Guides section and maybe tried to use the search function...just a thought. ;)

  2. Or maybe I simply had a bad media at the end of the 1st spindle I used of this and the 2nd spindle is also bad? Of course I also have a 3rd spindle of this same stuff (it was on sale).


    :yes: If some discs work and others fail the manufacturer has a quality control problem. We have never recommended buying cheap media due to the fact that mostly it's junk and causes more problems than you can believe. Stick with what works for your system/device and firmware and you'll be a happy camper. :thumbup:

  3. If you paid through click-bank complain to them and they will refund your charged amount. ImgBurn is freeware and does not and will not rip protected discs as Cynthia advised. To do what you need to, query through Google and you'll learn all you need to about the subject. Just an FYI, we do not discuss any form of :pirate: activity here.

  4. I/O problems are almost always caused by the firmware/media/drive not playing nicely together. Check for a firmware update for your drive. Try the other available speeds for your burn.( Destination Media Supported Write Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x). Your drive will not burn at 2.4 and with the media you're using it is not necessary. Also you can try a cleaning disc on the drive.

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