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  1. Since ImgBurn does not do the transcoding you will need to figure out where your problem is within the program you are using to make the ISO. spinner
  2. This is really not an ImgBurn problem. Google what you want to do, most programs that claim to unclose discs are rescue programs that cost you to buy before you try. spinner
  3. ImgBurn will not combine the data on the three discs, you will need a program such as DVDShrink or others that will do what you want and create an ISO that you can then burn with Imgburn. Google what you want to do. spinner
  4. As Cynthia said, post a log. Disc errors are usually associated with your transcoding program or the fact that you have cheap/bad media. The log will give us a starting point. spinner
  5. Thanks; Mine are starting to go South so I'm looking around now.
  6. Nope, ImgBurn does not support multisession , however the author has stated that he will look at it in the future. spinner
  7. Try burning another at 4x. spinner
  8. All things in their time. As for a preview of what it's like...
  9. What type drive did you buy deeb?
  10. Try to Google what you want, we don't deal with transcoding.
  11. Definitely a mistake, and my apologies to you jim44
  12. Jim44, let it lay where it is, it ain't gonna happen. spinner
  13. Handler' Please try to keep your post/thread running in one area unless it is moved to a more appropriate area. It makes it hard for us to monitor the board with the same issue posted in different areas. spinner
  14. Hi and welcome to the board Andrew. FYI, not all discs can be burned at max speed, some need to be experimented with. I'm glad yours worked out fine for you. spinner
  15. Yes it does, but he plays around too much. We use electric fillet knives and the whole process for 1 fish takes about as long as he took to cut his first fillet off of the fish.
  16. Cynthia, here's a little clip about the Lake Erie Perch. You can find others on YouTube if you want to by searching "Lake Erie Perch fishing" Hope this helps. The announcer is a little exuberant, but the idea is the same all over the lake at this time of year.
  17. Perch are a member of the sunfish family, although they don't look like it. We cut them into fillets and, after skinning and removing the rib cage, the fillets are perfectly bone free. Average size here on Lake Erie runs from 6" to around 14" or so depending on where you are, where they are and the Summer temperature of the lake. Commercial fishermen can keep all over 8", we prefer ours to be over 9" with our average around 10-11". I'll post a link for you about Perch and Lake Erie.
  18. Sorry I'm late, but was out on Lake Erie chasing Perch and got in late and all sunburned. Cynthia
  19. How can your disc be empty and have an image on it?
  20. Have you read this throughout? http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=1777
  21. Lets try it this way then...your media is crap. Buy some Verbatim DataLife Plus or Taiyo Yuden discs.
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