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  1. This has been asked and answered many times before. Unless the Boss changed his mind it just ain't gonna happen. spinner
  2. Google is your friend here. Try looking for DVD authoring programs.
  3. Taken from a quick Google of the MID
  4. Deeb; I just bought the Kodak ESP 5250 and it's a combination unit that does a really good job. The software won't do what you want, but LUK suggested that for you. spinner
  5. Refer to post # 2. ImgBurn does not convert, it burns what you give it. Maybe I don't understand your post
  6. It is simple if the users take the time to read the pink bit at the top and the guides and faq's. Changing options and settings is the one thing that really gets them screwed up since the program runs "out of the box' for most people just fine. If they are in trouble, they can post and we'll get them to where they need to be.
  7. Your discs are junk, get some Verbatim or Taiyo Yudens. You're trying to burn at a speed that your drive doesn't support. Try another speed.
  8. Geoff; 1...As there is no support offered here for prior versions of the program, I would strongly suggest that you load and use the newest version of ImgBurn. 2...There is no other procedure to learn, after you have an understanding of the basic functions, which you appear to be, you're good to go. spinner
  9. AMEN ianymaty. This suggestion has been beat to hell and back by users that just won't take a hint. The BOSS will decide if and when multi-session burning will become a reality and if and when HE wants it to be a part of HIS program. ImgBurn is by far the best program of its kind now in existence and not having it do multi-session is the way it is built. If users want additional features that the BOSS has decided aren't what HE needs from HIS program, they are free to go and use one of the other readily available programs that include it. But quit bitching on here about it because it ain't gonna help it get implemented before LUK wants it added. spinner
  10. Nothing is going to happen here unless you read the pink bit at the top and post a copy of your log.
  11. Tootrn; We do not discuss ripping or any process for ripping or stealing intellectual property from whomever has control over it. There are many websites devoted to the subject and you can find what you want with a simple Google search. spinner
  12. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=8000
  13. The jiggly lines show that in the last few gigs of your disc the drive had to slow, try to ramp up, slow, try to ramp up etc. to read some of the data stored there. Since it verified it should not represent much of a problem, how did it play back? spinner
  14. Nope...ImgBurn never did and never will. If you paid for it, you got screwed and need to get your money back from the ass that sold it.
  15. Try different speeds, you have a few to choose from. Also, the first burn log shows that the data on the disc verified correctly, why did you not verify the second time? Since the verified disc shows that it is an exact copy of the data you supplied, if it doesn't work then you need to look at whatever you used to make the iso in the first place.
  16. An easy way to prove that you made it and own the rights is to make a master copy for yourself, put it in a disc mailer with a letter identifying it, put a code on the outside of it so you know what or which one it is, then mail it to yourself. When it is delivered, do not open it simply identify it by the code and put it in a file. It will come from you to you with a postmarked date on it...If you need to prove it's yours, open the mailer in court or follow what your attorney wants you to do. Writers do it that way all the time to prove their manuscripts are their property. [
  17. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=8000
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