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  1. lf; The famous ultra-comprehensive unwritten but oft referred to law that governs all that a consumer can do to a DVD without the DVD alerting the authorities that a breach of DVD security has been performed and then summarily setting fire to your drive, computer and home; causing your better half to steal your pickup truck and sell your dog...........or is that a CW song???? KIRK..... some help here.........
  2. I agree with Shamus, TY's are the best standard for now. Stay away fron the Ritek 'RITEKF1' 16x though, they are as poor as the CMC crap.
  3. skins? skins? skins? skins? skins? skins? You need t be more specific......
  4. Can't you just disable InCd in the start menu and then call it in from the program menu when you need it?
  5. Yup snazz, and it had the lowest millibar reading ever recorded, it's supposed to turn NorthWest today some time. I haven't heard the news yet today so I don't know what it's doing. Batten down Polo and the best of luck mate.... Where exactly in Fla. are you now? A buddy of mine is a building inspector there somewhere in Orange County or wherever the big one hit last year.
  6. Have a Happy Birthday Corny
  7. Good catch Polo, I was too busy away and sulking to notice Damn I love this place
  8. et tu blu??? I can maube understand it from lfc........Oh my...Number 2....shit. I think I'll just go away and sulk.....
  9. #39;( #39;( #39;( I just heard that yesterday...and while I have to agree she seems more intelligent than 'W'...I don't think she's ever had an original thought of her own... ....It just gets better and better...... AHHHH blu....ever the politician.....
  10. 1. Please post an ImgBurn logfile 2. What disks have you tried it on and what are the disk ID's? 3. Is your burner firmware up to date?
  11. Learned something today... Been running AVG Pro, Webroot SpySweeper, Micro$oft Anti-Spyware, Lavasoft and Search and Destroy since my Norton AV subscription ran out in the middle of summer, went up to Kaspersky and ran an online scan like they advised in PC World this month and found a damned trojan and two virus programs that were hiding in the system..... #39;( The machine was slow so I tried their advice after running all the other installed sweepers....
  12. Good move on the part of the old lady.....
  13. Spinner, reports have it chaney is not even on the radar to run. However I can see Laura W Bush as the republican nominee Christ!!!!!
  14. Kirk... Two terms of 'W' and the next term hers?????? I hope that the Dems get a better candidate than that or it's gonna be 4 years of Chaney or some other Republican wannabe.
  15. spinningwheel

    The Fog

    Agreed, but wasn't the original a dog starring Adrien Barbeau?
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