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  1. Hell zac...he already knows how sorry I am.....lmao
  2. Shit...sorry zac.... too much and not enough or
  3. uh huh...what DB said goes for me too....
  4. I thought those buttons opened and closed the cup holder.....
  5. ahhhhh DB.... another math problem ...if 15 frames is a half second, and 75 frames is a second, what happened to the other 45 frames????.......
  6. weAponX; I'm sure there are others that will chime in here also, but yes, if you can change booktype on your burner then you should. The reason is realy simple, when the original programming was done and the first dvd players were launched the consortium that came up with the programming made it a must that all players read dvd-rom discs. Therefore you lessen the probability that your disc will be rejected by a player if you have booktyped it to dvd-rom. You can only change the book on +R style discs though, -R dos not have that capability. As far as the burner name is concerned, you need to know who manufactured the burner if the specs do not state whether it will burn a dvd-rom. Since many manufacturers make several burners which are simply rebadged to anothers name, I don't have a listing of all of the various manufacturers and their renamed to brand products. However Google is your friend and a lot can be learned from data mining a name brand or manufacturer.
  7. @ weAponX; And you need to know what? I read and re-read your post(s) and can only figure that you're making a comment about what you do with your programs, some of which are not supported here in this Forum. In the future, please stick to the subject of the Forum area that you are writing in; or post in the 'Chat' area of the Forum.
  8. Gotta love them dual v-8's and their power...
  9. 8 inches of snow on the ground, lake effect snows coming in tonight. Temps in high 20's (F) today, single digits tonight with 5+ inches coming..... #39;( ...rush hour is gonna be hell tomorrow morning.
  10. spinningwheel

    XBOX 360

    But we like our system of measurement...... 12 inches... 1 foot 60 seconds... 1 minute 16 ounces... 1 pound 8 fluid ounces... 1 cup 12 items... 1 dozen 100 cents... 1 dollar 36 inches... 1 yard 2000 pounds... 1 ton 16 fluid ounces... 1 pint 12 dozen... 1 gross 60 minutes... 1 hour 50 cents... 1 half dollar 3 feet... 1 yard 2 pints... 1 quart 144 items... 1 gross 24 hours... 1 day 5280 feet... 1 mile 4 quarts... 1 gallon 4 weeks... approximately 1 month 1760 yards... 1 mile 32 fluid ounces... 1 quart 12 month...s 1 year 128 fluid ounces... 1 gallon 52 weeks... 1 year 2 cups... 1 pint 365 days... 1 common year 10 years... 1 decade 100 years... 1 century 1000 years... 1 millenium It would be just too cornfusing if we had to try another one.
  11. spinningwheel

    XBOX 360

    I've not seen it except as a choice for my printer, here we use 8 1/2 x 11 as standard letter size, thanks for the heads up dontasciime.
  12. And the playback machine will cost what?????
  13. How about Lee Greenwoods 'Proud to be an American"?????
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