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  1. Tight assed Forums just tend to piss me off.........you're with a much better sector of the netizens now jmet....
  2. Kev; I've heard that those particular worms can give you amnesia...... DB; Just how long is it that you've been attracting flies now????huh???
  3. Damn...I missed that...subtle...good word...I'll have to look it up and see what it means..
  4. Great to hear that mukooh, and I'm sure the Boss is too.....
  5. So that makes blu the dickhead then lfc??? =))
  6. I'm here Kev.... Just busier than ever and only have a few minutes when I can get time to get on either site. Youth football is not only taking my Tuesdays, but I'm tied up with it on Wednesdays and Saturdays also...Only saving grace is there's only about 5 weeks left to the season.... ....then I have about 15 awards banquets to go to...... ....then I should have the time to spend here and there again.
  7. spinningwheel

    Ban Kirk?

    Shit Kirk, that just leaves me...now how do I link then thar shitkikkin songs...hmmmmm
  8. Is that sorta like trying maryjane but not inhaling?
  9. Funny parts to the survival tale, but I know how serious it all is and I also am glad that you and yours are ok.
  10. JUst to throw in my two cents, I haven't lost anything but time defragging my hdd either...
  11. And I agree with you Volvo.....whatever you said.....
  12. spinningwheel


    Ahhh...everytime I hear the terms wombat and celery used together all I can think of is Shamus and his second favorite subject.....
  13. I dunno blu, all I can say is that I like the Buckeyes of Ohio State....
  14. You are right Grain, the minority have a right to say anything they want as long as it doesn't incite panic, and Democracy will take its' course here. I'm just a little tired of all the attacks, be they right, wrong or indifferent, that are being levied against the value and common sense system that helped to form our little corner of the world in the first place....and maybe I need a or to just get
  15. Sorry buddy, the last time I knew anything about DOS was when I was running Dr DOS 6.0 I think...I guess I just got too lazy with the M$ Windoze and somehow time went on...
  16. Kirk... ...my man... ......haven't heard that great assed shit kickin' song in quite a while.....good find.
  17. I think I recognize some of Shamuses verbage in the letter also.....
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