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  1. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=9883
  2. and yet i have no problem with my 3770k, i have ati graphics so i would still point my finger at the nvidia gfx drivers
  3. because you didn't download imgburn try here http://download.imgburn.com/SetupImgBurn_2.5.7.0.exe
  4. have you tried advanced input in build mode?
  5. disable your antivirus whilst you download it from the imgburn mirror. its a harmless file so your av is showing a false positive
  6. it's here if you need it at a later date
  7. after formatting for the first time, it will just write over every time after that, it normally takes 6 mins for the first format
  8. it's because your drive can only read, you will need to buy a writer
  9. you have nothing in the left pane, check the guide again. the disc has been written to so you will need a new one
  10. why don't you set your dvd player on repeat?
  11. it looks like you don't get ads on the small/normal site package you have, that's a good thing as the saying goes,you pay your money and make your choice, hosting can be very expensive on dedicated servers choose wisely i don't know how many posts luk has the 5 stars set at, and why does that matter to you? its not about how many posts you make, on a help forum, surely the content of your post should be more important?
  12. then i would just use free hosting if it works for you
  13. there has to be a reason you hosts picture has a remove ads by upgrading button so i assume you have some sort of google or other ads on your page
  14. i can only speak for what is best for me i am happy with their product
  15. i use one.com for several domains and am satisfied with their service i pay yearly for hosting and 5 yearly for domain names when i tried free hosting, there were ads everywhere, i don't want that. free hosting was very slow loading as well
  16. best to ask your free host really, if they have a generic script for errors then they will have to alter it, presuming they would
  17. i would assume because it is free hosting, all errors will default to the host page i have paid hosting and all i get is a generic page not found message
  18. i believe his question was aimed at lightning_uk! he shouldn't be hijacking your thread
  19. only drive 1 is able to write so make sure your disc is in that drive
  20. works fine for me too. no glitches
  21. domain? imgburn.com is the domain, the forum resides on the same domain as the website
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