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  1. 1ltr. =$1.40 AUD = 6.56 dkk i pay 10.50 dkk per ltr.
  2. i also know somebody that has a 3520 burning g04 that wouldn't verify , i took 3 of them home and could read them in iso read but they couldn't on their 3520 btw another firmware sorted that problem out, liggy and dee's , the one that removes the riplock
  3. weird. i have a batch of g05's where my plextor sees them as 4x discs and my nec sees them as 8x discs which is what they are. if i burn them with the plex , they won't verify , if i burn them with the nec they are perfect . another batch of the same discs are seen by both writers as 8x <shrug>
  4. you don't have your lite on anymore? that supports it
  5. can't you buy that at tesco's mate?
  6. did you try a firmware update to eliminate that
  7. its very white lol, maybe its snowed in
  8. i would think the americans and canadians are asleep right now as are the english probably, i just got up, give it an hour and there will probably be a bit of life
  9. and metal sounds better too , better than all that twanging and wailing about your dead hamster
  10. cornholio7


    its not released yet, patience ..........
  11. and after you get wrung you forget it again LOL
  12. this is not a hoax, i can confirm the same as dontasciime. donations are going to LIGHTNING_UK!, i have had email notification of payment received
  13. clinks is hosted in dallas and imgburn in the uk
  14. its slow here too. but i believe its running off another server than it used to. a little donation from everybody might help to get it hosted on the old server? best wait to hear what Lightning thinks
  15. welcome back boss, hope all is ok and looking forward to see the programme
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