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  1. that would depend on if your burner supports bitsetting. you can find a little book on the bottom right hand side of the gui ,click on it and see if your drive is listed
  2. try deleting the IDE controller anyway and reboot and at least we will know for sure its not that. i had a problem with a pc recently that was giving similar problems and restoring dma solved that problem
  3. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?s=&show...=findpost&p=967 look at the link for dma like LUK says just changing spindles can give the kind of results you are experiencing
  4. have you checked your dma? take a look in the faq on this site and delete your controller and reboot and see if it helps
  5. i remember seeing you there .......once
  6. His post was just an illusion. or her
  7. i would consider re-doing the rest of the backups done on the cmc's as well if you want to use them in the near future
  8. welcome to the ibsf . can you post a log when you open the programme so we can get a bit more info about whats happening press L and copy and paste the contents in your reply
  9. regarding the cpu bit in the graph , this has now been fixed and will be ok for the next release ( i run a non english windows)
  10. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showforum=15 take a look at our drives and media forum you can see how a variety of discs burn there
  11. hello you ignored the warning in your log about overburning - the image is too big for the disc, you need to compress it. CMC MAG are maybe one of the worst discs you can use. try verbatim or taiyo yuden discs
  12. at the moment (right now)(at present)(at the point of typing this) both IDE channels have all 4 drives on them as master/slave jumpers O/S is in SATA RAID 0 i keep my iso's on another RAID 0 set attatched to a PCI card
  13. cornholio7


    i dont know any englishmen that call football soccer
  14. cornholio7


    the football association was founded in 1863 in england.(note - not the soccer association. ) age wins this debate
  15. i have 4 burners connected atm. the 1655 id having a rest until i get an usb enclosure , and i have 6 burners in all, if i need to swap one it takes all of 3 mins to do it anyway
  16. ok obviously the media and drive combination don't support 1x so try 2x or 4x until you find one the media does support.
  17. can you copy and paste a log of a burn please?
  18. look in the right hand window of the gui to see if the media supports 1x like shown below the supported write speeds of the shown media start at 4x
  19. any chance you could post a log in your next post? open imgburn, press 'L' on your keyboard if the log window doesnt appear, then insert a blank disc and copy and paste the whole log please
  20. if your system is 'up to it' you can run 2 instances of imgburn simultaniously
  21. could you please try something? open imgburn and set your burning speed to 12x , close the programme and open it again , what burn speed does it show? i know when i open the programme it stays at the last selected speed
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