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  1. Get me a signed pic of the lovely Kylie please digi !!!!!!! ;)


    As for the Capt Jack uniform I thought it was a US one based on the End of Days episode of Torchwood - probably fooked that up tho !


    Well, we meet him for the first time in The Empty Child when it appears he's in the RAF uniform of an American volunteer. There were a number of Americans who volunteered to fight for us before the rest of their country woke up and joined in and I think thats what he's supposed to be.


    The Sun is often correct on what happens in Dr Who, although they missed out on Catherine Tate. I'm looking forward to seeing her actually, I reckon her charecter will be toned down a lot by the time she is settled in. Less shouting I hope.


    The only problem with Kylie being in Voyage of the Damned is that it was bloody cold on the Titanic and she will be all bundled up, they should have saved her for a Planet of Fire type episode. Bikins and beaches!!!



    Last of the Timelords wasnt as good as The sound of Drums but still a bloody good episode.

  2. Looking at your gifs jack, I think you may have a thing about the women in Dr Who

    Bugger! I didnt want it to be obvious......



    Rumour is RTD wants to bring the Ice Warriors back, he's mentioned them in a couple of interviews. Would love to see The Sontarans myself, you got to admit they were cool. :)

  3. You keep telling yourself that Jack, we all know you couldn't resist his WW2 US Airforce uniform.... :lol: You just had to let him pop his plane in your hanger !



    Only you would think like that you repressed homo!!! :D


    It's actually supposed to be an RAF uniform I think. Isnt it? :unsure:

  4. Saw them going back using Jacks watch - the tv Jack not our jack...(love the Perri gifs jack :thumbup: )



    It was my watch, the bloody theiving woofter knicked it!!! :angry:


    I really liked the episode, a lot of questions were answered but in a very discreet way. We know how the Master got his regenrations back and we know that ordinary Gallifreyans are turned into Timelords after they graduate, that leaves it nicely open for the Dr to keep on regenerating.


    To be honest, why would the Master fight for the Timelords? They probably would have executed him before the Time War if they could have caught him so it seems likely he would have buggered off as soon as he got his new cycle of regenrations, I would have!! :rolleyes:



    Good story and I cant wait for next Saturday!





    Ooops sorry mate. I've been away for a couple of weeks and missed your birthday altogether. :doh: Hope you had a good one and the missus let you have you annual shag!! :D

  5. Thanks for all the kind words guys, been a bit busy since the weekend so havent been here for a few days.



    You know, when I signed up at youtube I used Blutach as my user name. I just flagged all those videos as inappropriate!! :thumbup: That kind of crap shouldnt be allowed to clog up the interweb!! :D



    Aaaahh, now wheres my copy of DDD gone???? :whatever:

  6. Thanks guys, I probably will get a card reader. I wanted to get it working on my sisters P.C. so that they could use it if they wanted as well as getting the footage off the card. I will check out the link chris, thanks mate.



    Thanks to all that responded. :thumbup:

  7. I just cant seem to get windoze to detect the damn thing, I give up with the peice of crap!! Thanks for your help mate. I have to go out now so I will try again later. Thanks.

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