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  1. Or maybe you could just post the duplicate drives to me now that my Benq has ended up in a lady friends comp :whistling:


    Actually, i'm intrested in buying another drive but I want one that scans as well as my Benq did. My NEC and external LiteOn dont scan great. Is the 20X model gonna be good for scanning as well as burning at high speeds or should I just buy another Benq? Any suggestions?

  2. That fooker wouldnt fit in my house!!! Maybe I could have it in my garage if somebody buys it for me uncle dontasciime!! :rolleyes:

  3. Poor old Wesley, he has to pay his taxes somehow...............


    Personally I dont think making shit films is the way to do it, did anybody see The Marksman??????!!!! :/

  4. To be fair it's not that bad, although Torchwood is a lot better. Worth watching just for little Hannah in her smalls.


    Just been watching Castrovalva tonight, blimey there were alot of people in the Tardis in them days!!!! HHmmmmm, Nyssa!!! :wub:


    Had many a tug over that picture when I was a spotty teenager. :whatever:

  5. Not sure what thread you are referring to, but if you have created the ISO using DVDD then you should be fine to burn it straight back using the MDS file as it will contain all the info about layer break etc that you need. The problems you are having are certainly due to the piss poor media you are using and you could use a gallon of petrol and a big box of matches and still not get a decent burn. As the others have said, Verbs are the way to go on dual layer. I know it's a real pisser when you have a stack of crap dual layers that you want to use but the best thing to do if you cant exchange them is offer them to a ninja as cut price shurikens!! :D


    "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to buy verbs I go!" :thumbup:

  6. He only volunteers in case theres a chance of knicking some hubcaps!! :D


    I'd go along with everyone else chewy, SVP really are second to none in this country. I've tried Ukdvdr.co.uk but their service is a nightmare and the staff have had full frontal lobotomy's as a condition of employement!! >_<

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