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  1. There you go, pretty ordinary but a pain if you dont have anything it fits. <_<





    Oh yeah, I had a few beers last night so thats why the photo's a bit blurred..............

  2. That might be a last resort, buy another one just to get hold of the software disc that comes with it. I dont think he would have bought it if he hadnt been so unwell, he was very vague towards the end.


    Oh yeah, I spit on Eurovision!!!! :lol:

  3. Long story so bear with me. Just before he died my brother in law bought a cheap camcorder, it's a cheap thing out of some backstreet sweatshop in god knows where. My sister recorded some footage of her husband on it and doesnt want to lose the video of him now he's gone. The only problem is they never installed the software on their P.C. and they've lost the bloody disc that came with it, this means I cant get the video of the camera as the memory kind is like none i've seen. Does anybody know where I can get the drivers for a Maxim MX30-7000?(Yeah, I know it's a shit camera but I really need the footage off it.) Thanks for any help guys.

  4. Oh yes!! Gwendoline is a masterpeice!! Tawny Kitaen with her waps out, lovely!


    Everybody tells me Eragon is crap, but I may watch it later and see.


    If you havent seen Hotel Rwanda yet then take a look, very powerful film with excellent performances. And for the Bruce Campbell fans ,check out Bubba Ho Tep. Bloody marvellous!!

  5. Ah, theres my baby!! :wub: Looks in better nick than my ZX80 was when I last saw it!! :( How the hell we used to write programs on it I will never know!


    Blimey LFC!!! You were a posh bugger, you had the printer as well!!!??? :lol: Does anybody remember Miner Forty Niner on the ZX81? It had sound and really cool game play. A real classic.

  6. Debbie does Dallas, a classic in every sense of the word.... :D


    Oh, and dont forget The Perils of Gwendoline in the land of Yik Yak!!

  7. I built a ZX80 from a kit I bought from Sinclair Research, I wish I'd kept the bloody thing! God knows what happened to it. Then I upgraded to a ZX80 with the 16K RAM pack and then part ex'd that for a 48k SPeccy and then finally bought a 128. I still have the 128, boxed as new. Cant remember what happened to my 48K though. :(


    I remeber a thread like this from the old place, bloody hundreds of pages and views.

  8. The arse wasnt too good, but for those who havent seen the episode it yet heres a couple of gifs of the good bits.



    Daleks. Surprisingly roomy inside:





    I'm just popping out for a minute.........




    The best bit of Marthas Arse!!! :D



    I've tried a new image host so if you cant see the gifs let me know.

  9. Got it mate thanks. Some of the Noo Yoik accents were hilarious!! Tallulah's was brilliant!!! =)) =)) Apart from that it was a bloody good episode, liked it a lot and cant wait for next week now. :thumbsup:


    Watch it again now and look for some Giffable arse!!! :teehee:

  10. Balls! I missed it!! I never could set the timer on my video!! :doh: Thank god for the internet I say. :eyebrow:


    I thought of Scaroth as soon as I saw the cover, the suit is what made me think of it. Very similar.


    I hope theres some good shots of Marthas arse in this episode, i'm in a Gif making mood!!! :P

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