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  1. Now heres a question, how many actors have played the Master?


    Roger Delgado

    Peter Pratt

    Geoffrey Beevers

    Anthony Ainley

    Gordon Tipple

    Eric Roberts

    I'll chuck John Simm in there as well.


    The Master from the Mind Robber can safely be assumed to be an entirley diffrent person. Anybody got anymore? A read a suggestion somewhere that the War Cheif who was a renagade TimeLord could have been the Master but if I remember correctly he was erased from time so it's a safe guess that he wasnt the Master.

  2. Debbie's a bit sticky, but I have a backup!!! :mellow:


    PM me your postal address and I will send it off.


    Yeah, John SImm is playing a charecter who everybody is guessing is the master, but I think we will have to wait and see. The same rumour went around that Tony Head was going to be the Master in school reunion. :rolleyes:

  3. To be fair, it's all conjecture anyway. Lord knows where Russel Davis will take it, he tends to bend the history of the Dr anyway he chooses as it is, the Cybermen are proof of that. I wonder if Mondas will ever get a mention again....... <_<


    I would love to see the Sontarans again, and bung a Rutan in for good measure! The Horror Of Fang Rock was a brilliant story in my veiw. Did the sontarans ever gain the power of Time travel? I dont think they did, did they? They had a few attempts but never quite managed it. I wonder who they would have sided with in the time war if they had to choose? :unsure:

  4. Ah, this is where it all gets complicated. Is Susan really a Timelord? Is she just an ordinary Gallifreyan who is yet to become a Timelord? Is the Timelord gene something that is given when a student graduates from the academy? If thats the case then maybe the Dr couldnt sense her because she wasnt a actually a TimeLord but just an ordinary member of the lower classes of Gallifrey society. It's generally agreed that all Time Lords are from Gallifrey, but not all Gallifreyans are Time Lords.



    An Intresting Read. Click on Gallifrey then the Academy from the subject list on the left hand side of the page for the article the qoute below comes from.


    Since, as far as we know, the lower classes of Gallifrey cannot regenerate their bodies, and do not possess the "Time Lord gift" which allows one to understand alien languages, it seems likely that The Doctor underwent the processes which enable both of these as part of his graduation ceremonies.


    The bit about understanding alien languages is slightly contradictory from what we are told in the Christmas Invasion where Rose doesnt understand the Sychorax(Spelling?) because the telepathic link with the Tardis is broken due to the Dr being incapacitated. We are led to beleive that the Tardis translates the languages and not the Time Lord.

  5. Just been reading up on what happened to Romanadvoratrelundar. Which one would you like back 1 or 2?


    42 Douglas Addams, thats what I thought...the answer is 42...obvious when you think about it...


    Wonder what that 2 parter in the middle of the seasons about? - set in a boys boarding school...


    Lalla Ward please :thumbup:





    "Romanadvoratrelundar? Thats too long. I shall call you Fred!"

  6. I wouldnt burn rags with Nero..........


    And when my movies were freezing I just turned up the heating and gave 'em an extra blanket.


    Decent media, upto date firmware and ImgBurn and you wont have any problems.

  7. It probably is the Master, word is John Simms will play him. That would explain why the Dr cant "feel" any other Time Lords. Remeber in one of his first episodes Eccelstons Dr says he can tell he's on his own because he would feel them in his mind if there were any other Time Lords left. Now the Master has been pinching any old body he can find since he used up all his regenerations, so my guess is the Dr cant feel the Master as his body is no longer that of a Timelord. Personally I would love to see Romana return from E-space, but I cant see it happening. :/


    The full episode listing for the new series is on the BBC site:Click Here.


    Cant wait for 42 myself, a nod or two to dear old Douglas I hope....

  8. Wasnt bad, I kind of like Martha. Good arse on her!!! Fills her jeans well! B)




    Nice to see Ian Stuart Black getting a credit for the Macra in the end titles, Davis does have a habit of bringing back old enemies and characters which I like.


    And good old Bo told the Dr he's not alone, I wonder who we will meet later in the series.......... :whistling:

  9. =)) =)) =)) Ace post Shamus...had me in fits :thumbup:


    Actually the gum boots are used by the Welsh when sheep shagging...they put the back legs of the sheep in them to stop them running away...don't suppose it works on kangaroos...



    Nah, you got it all wrong, dont bother with the wellies. Turn 'em over, that way you dont miss out on the kissing!!!


    Either that or shag 'em over the edge of a cliff, they back up harder!!!

  10. Not really, I vaguely remebered something about it because he has to find the cause of a plague that sweeps the base, turns out it was spread by the cybermen who infect the sugar and Polly asks the Dr if the cause maybe something that Lister didnt know about as it was a long time ago when the Dr was studying with him. I had to check the paperback for the dates as i'm not sad enough to remeber the dates from memory!! :rolleyes:


    I love Troughtons Dr too, I only remember him from repeats as I'm not that old!! >_<

  11. ImgBurn only burns and builds ISO's from unencrypted files, it doesnt do any kind of Decrypting and decrypting cant be discussed here for legal reasons. Check out the guides forum for some excellent guides on how to use ImgBurn.

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