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  1. Ok, who bought one??? db was it you? Its down to 26 so come on admit it!!! :D



    Just got "The Mind Robber" in the post today, never seen this story or read the book, might just stay in tonight and watch it. :P



    Edit: Well what do you know? I've just been skimming through the extras and one of the fictional charecters mentioned is Captain Jack Harkaway!!!! :o

  2. Ask the squirrel's, they know everything that goes on in the forest.


    What if there are no squirrels around?



    You've never been to the forest have you? :teehee:

  3. you cant back up movies on imgburn what a waste of space i will stick with dvd dycripter thanks



    Jade, is that you? :whistling: I know spelling isnt your strong suit Miss Goody, so I thought I would ask!!! :D

  4. It's all a load of crap, Channel 4 are probably wetting themselves with excitement over this. It's just what they wanted when they put that uneducated bunch of ignorant oafs in there with somebody from a diffrent culture that they didnt have a hope in hell of understanding. Big Brother always has been and always will be about bullying and victimisation of individuals by a higher authority(BB) and the sooner it is banned from the airwaves the better, and dont give me that crap about the early series' being a "social experiment", it truly is the worst kind of Soma for the Gammas!!! :angry: If Shilpa had any sense she would walk out and go home, she doesnt need the exposure so much that she would put up with that shit does she??!!



    Actually, Shilpa is quite fit though! :rolleyes:

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