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Verbatim Media Code...


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Hi guys!

Happy Holidays!

been a while since i've logged-in




So i got myself some Verbs today!

A spindle of 100 DVD's!


I went to FuturShop and bought them as they seemed cheap ($18,99CAD)!

I bought exactly these ones --> Verbatim 16x DVD-R 4,7GB (Taiwan) [MCC 03RG20] (click here for Online Page)



Question #1 --> Taking the fact that im in canada, did i made a good deal for the price?



Question #2 --> Also, Are those made in Taiwan any good?



Question #3 --> ImgBurn detecs the media code as this one (see screenshot)




Even DVDInfroPro detects it as that code (see screenshot)



whats up with that?




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Only way to know how good media is with your burner is to do some scans. :)


Ok thanx Cynthia....

im gonna burn a DVD Video and will post results here...

hope i recall how to do so using DVDInfoPro...




oh no,,,, i forgot i have deamon tools installed,,,

thats gonna mess up my graph right?,,


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Man, that even Verbatim chooses CMC Magnetics stuns me. At least they offer a better alternative quality media. For now, anyway. Hopefully, they won't become another Optodisc for me where I stopped getting Optodisc media after they switched over to CMC's which wouldn't finish burning, etc.

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