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What is new in ImgBurn over DVD Decrypter?


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Hi All.

I have two questions.

1.I am using DVD Decrypter-DVD Shrink-DVD Decrypter to burn Dvd's and have never had a problem.

What is better in ImgBurn over DVD Decrypter to burn the image to a disc?

2.I am upgrading my brothers PC and putting a NEC 3500AG burner into it.He has a AMD Athlon 850MHz-

384 MB RAM-Windows XP Pro SP1.Will it be able to burn Dvd's?




Gozer. <_<

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ImgBurn is being updated for new burners, media etc, the other is not, so it's your best bet for burning.


Your brothers computer will work for burning, it just won't be fast.

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Congrats zacoz - you have a long way to go to get near my "uselessness" tho :P

Dont even try Z, LFC's kind of useless is way out of reach of mere mortals!!

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